December 23rd, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday so far

Kind of busy again, as K.G. came to help me clean.  She'd said she'd come at 12:30, and I was again very slow to get going.  I threw some clothes on.  She got there at 12:05.  I ended up being just as glad I hadn't showered yet, as we kicked up a lot of dust cleaning my room.  We cleared more floor.  I have a lot of VCR tapes of various shows.  We put those in boxes for the moment.  We did a big trash bag of recycling, and a big trash bag of trash, plus a smaller amount of papers to shred, and a few more clothes to donate.  I went off to an appointment, and took a shower when I got home.

Mom and I picked up on cleaning again when I got home.  We cleared various areas of the living room.  Mom emptied out a box of things from Nana A.'s kitchen that must have been in the living room for a good five years or so.  It was a big box, too, so it was a decent accomplishment.

I'm waiting until after the news (which Mom and Dad listen to with the volume very loud) and dinner to catch up on Alles was zahlt.  We'll be doing a lot of wrapping presents, too, so I don't think I'll get too much quiet time.

Paul Neyron rose 2

AWZ Wednesday and Thursday

Flo used almost all of Roman's cologne before he went to ice hockey training.  Roman had something to say about it.  I'm not sure exactly what he said, but he said something.  Franziska used perfume before she went to training.  They're such clueless teenagers.  Lena had them doing yoga again, with Andy saying rude things.  I'm not sure what he said either, but I'm sure it was rude.  The team was practicing boxing, with Florian going very gently while Franziska wore blockers.  She said a sentence including the word "schwul."  Perhaps it was along the lines of, "You didn't go so gently on me when you thought I was gay."  (Actually, "You might think you really were gay, the way you're punching."  Frank!  I was very disappointed in her.)  Andy said something else.  Flo punched harder, while Frank unfortunately had the blockers down, and got her right in the jaw.

Next we saw of them, Flo was holding an ice pack to Frank's jaw, or hovering while she was doing so.  He bent to take a close look at her cheek, or some such, and Andy said something.  Flo said that Andy had the shittiest sense of timing, then kissed Frank anyway.  Andy looked disgusted.  Well, they're making it abundantly clear that the only one on the hockey team to have ever seen a girl up close was Deniz.

Deniz came back while Roman was doing Christmas decorations outside of No. 7.  Roman said he'd missed him, or Deniz said he'd missed Roman.  They had a good "welcome home" kiss, and then the clown car came with the clowns all on it.  The clown also known as Ingo was playing his guitar and singing badly.  The party at No. 7 went well, except for Marian brooding, and Katja a tall black pile of mope.  Roman half-interrupted his cuddling with Deniz every so often to hug Katja and kiss her on the cheek.  Mostly he and Deniz cuddled, though.

Rafael broke up with Lena right on Christmas Eve, so he could be with Simone.  I think Rafael and Lena were much better together.  Rafael played Santa.  Apparently he and Simone did the deed, or at least according to a Simone flashback, they did.  I wish Lena would get a love interest, yet stay empowered.  It would be nice.

Tom and his father had a loud argument.  Angry!Tom is actually pretty hot.  Tom said that all Papa Reichenbach cared about was money.  Papa R. said, yeah, the money that housed you, fed you, kept you in great comfort, educated you, and paid for Isabelle's skating career.  Tom was still mad.  I think it was something about controlling fathers.  Papa R. had it all arranged to send Isabelle to Luxembourg.  Ben signed the papers, but wanted to accompany her.  That wasn't what Papa R. planned at all.

Isabelle woke up, and immediately had nasty flashbacks.  She saw Ben asleep by her bedside, and closed her eyes again.  I think she didn't even want to acknowledge him.  Vanessa came to the hospital with a sandwich from Frau Scholz for Ben.  They hugged, and had wonderful chemistry.  I wished for Benessa.  I don't even care that they're related.  They're such a great match.

Isabelle opened her eyes when Ben told her that she had a present from Frank, but quickly shut them again.  Ben pushed the call button.  Marian's doctor/prostitute, Jessica/Cheyenne(?), checked Isabelle and said it might have been a reflexive eye-opening.  That's my guess.  Can they not tell from their monitors when a patient's brainwave activity changes?  Well, for that they'd have to have electrodes on her head, I guess, and for that they'd have to shave off at least some of her hair.  Obviously that can't happen.  But wouldn't her pulse rate and heart rate rise if she was conscious and upset?  The writers fail medicine again.

Axel's parents sent him presents, a book on Tantra and a blue-and-white porcelain container of yellow powder.  I'm not too clear on what the yellow powder would be.  Hashi and Luna sent a sweet note to "Foxy" with their presents.  I wish I'd understood German better when I started watching full episodes, when Luna came to visit with Axel and called him Foxy, and Nina abetted Luna.  Somehow I have the feeling Axel is going to fish the book on Tantra out of the trash, and study the mysteries of it.  I'm not sure I want to see Axel activating his chakras.

Frank was expecting to go visit her father, but he couldn't see her.  Flo got Axel, since Axel's an important person, to get a call through to Frank's father, so Frank could talk to him.  Axel ended up giving the container of yellow powder to Frank while she talked to her father.  In gratitude for Axel letting Frank talk to her father, Flo invited him to the party at No. 7.  Axel didn't stay in there long, but went out into the rain outside.  Claudia joined him.

I don't know what the choice on having Ingo play guitar and sing badly through much of the episode was, and I have no idea why the episode ended with Rafael in a Santa suit striding menacingly through the streets of Essen, the shot starting at his feet and moving up until we saw the eyeflash under the Santa hat.  I don't know if it didn't translate well, or it would have come across as just as goofy if the viewer was raised in Germany.  I think a lot of things on AWZ are cross-culturally goofy.

The win in the episode was the welcome home Deniz got and the cuddling between Roman and Deniz.  Frank and Florian had a cute couple of episodes there, too, with Flo dressed as an angel again.  (LOL at angel!Florian.)  But Deniz being back in town and Deniz and Roman being happy together for the holidays was the only thing I deeply cared about.