December 15th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

real life Wednesday

It's supposed to be fifteen degrees out.  I didn't really feel like going out to feel for myself, so it's been another day in the house.  I've done some relatively productive things and some not-so-productive things.  I rearranged things in the living room somewhat.  It's a little easier to get through.  I just moved boxes and bags and items around.  I didn't attempt to move any furniture.

K.G. called around noon to say that her occupational therapy clients were taking up a lot of time, and she'd be there more like two.  That's her day job now, so I settled in at the computer.  She called at two-thirty to say that she wouldn't make it today.  I asked if she'd gotten more file folders, which she had, and if she could drop them off, which she did.  It occurred to me that it would be good if I had some folders for correspondence.  I sorted out some correspondence to file, so it's all ready to go that way.

Not especially so productive was the online shopping I did.  I got tea to give as gifts, since the kids liked it so much.  Yesterday in the living room cleanup, we found a box of my brother's CDs.  I think it was meant to go to storage, but hadn't made it there.  I went through it and picked out an MTV New Wave CD and a few others to put on my iTunes.  Then I went shopping today and got Devo and Pansy Division albums.  And as for the other day, when my vague feeling that I had more candles than I could see in my room was borne out, it didn't really help.  I ordered a few beeswax candles.  I'll probably end up giving some of them as gifts, too.  I am one of those people who give people presents I'd like to get myself.  Then I get more of whatever it is for myself, too.  That's probably counter-productive.

I don't know if I get particularly crazy around the holidays, but I think a lot of people do.  At least I still have the money to pay for the things, and all my bills are paid for the month.  My travel savings are going to be down to between a half and a third of what they were before I get more money in.  Then again, I had the car insurance bill to pay this month, and much more to pay in physical therapy bills than I expected it would be.  A far larger proportion of my money went to paying bills than went to shopping sprees.  It doesn't justify the spending sprees.  I know December is usually an expensive month for me, particularly as I often remember the car insurance bill at the last moment.  I get presents for people and I get presents for people to give me.  I'm not sure how I could change the patterns of that too much, but I should ask for ideas on it.