December 7th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

real life Tuesday

Went to Bryn Mawr.  I thought I was supposed to meet my prospective roommate at 2:00 in the afternoon, at the Borders bookstore in Rosemont.  I got Mercedes Lackey's Foundation and read it.  It ended in rather a cliffhanger situation.  None of the main "good guys" were in immediate danger, but there were a lot of questions unanswered.  Of course, this spells trilogy.  I saw there was a sequel in hardcover, but I just bought the first.  Perhaps I'll get the sequel from the library.  (Added: Of course, I couldn't wait, and got the sequel at Barnes & Noble.)

I called to say I was at Borders when I got there, and got voice mail.  I called again fifteen minutes after we were supposed to meet up, and got voice mail again.  C.W. called back at 2:30 to say that I'd gotten my days mixed up, that she was talking to R.A. that day, and that I was supposed to meet them at the bookstore on Thursday.  I had an appointment in [borough] on Thursday, an important one I couldn't break.  R. and I will meet up another time, perhaps at the apartment itself.

I considered myself very well-behaved that day as far as spending money went, to spend an hour in Borders and just get one paperback.  I had a Borders coupon, for 33% off, so the book was only $5-something.  I saw other books I wanted to read, and actually did get one of them from the library, the latest Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire novel.  I was very upset about some of the characters who were killed off in the last one, plus some of the things that happened to Sookie.

So I'm supposed to meet with my prospective roommate sometime in the next couple of weeks.  I'll make sure I get the day right this time.  I'm excited about possibly moving out.

Paul Neyron rose 2

AWZ Tuesday

Roman finally got back into skater plot.  He had apparently been outraged when he heard all of what Isabelle had done to Katja.  We didn't see that, but the viewers did see him talking to Ben, and quitting rather than train Isabelle.  Katja heard him quit, and immediately begged him not to.  So, about a minute later, Roman was re-hired, or un-quit, or whatever.  Isabelle and Ben were all snuggly-lovey for the episode.  Ben is possibly feeling guilty about sleeping with Katja.

Isabelle apologized to Katja, saying she'd lost control.  Roman said, "Oh, all those weeks you doped her?"  He was still furious.  Katja accepted the apology.  Most of these characters are freaking insane in thinking that someone slicing someone else's foot open with a razor sharp skate blade is a minor thing to do.  I don't think Katja took it lightly, or Claudia, and I don't think Roman took it lightly, either.  I think of it as much the same as knifing someone.  Here in the U.S., I think that would be aggravated assault, not to mention the doping, which is also a crime.  Tom said that Isabelle doping Katja was criminal, so apparently that kind of thing is against the law in Germany.

I remember some clips when Nadja said she couldn't bear to think of working at the Center again after Simone tried to run her over.  Simone relatively recently tried to run over Axel, too.  The phrase "Not a jury in the world would convict her" comes to mind for that one.  Richard tried to strangle Axel a few weeks ago.  I didn't blame him for that.  I guess it depends who commits the assault on whom as far as how I feel about it.  Tom quickly forgave Isabelle for her actions against Katja.  Sure, Isabelle's his sister, but Tom was Katja's lover.  I'd think he'd be feeling more torn or still upset that Isabelle committed those crimes.

Deniz talked to Marian, still very concerned about him.  Vanessa came up to Marian after he'd driven Deniz away, and showed him the letter from "Jenny."  Marian decided it meant that Jenny was in France, so he was going to go look for her there.  No, it probably wouldn't make any more sense if it gets subtitled and I read it in English.  Roman and Deniz had an almost-snuggling moment, and then Marian came in to tell them he was heading out to France on his motorcycle.  In December.  I hope Sam has a nice vacation with his family.

Deniz talked to Marian later, trying to point out the flaws in Marian's "plan."  Marian told Deniz to wish him good luck, and pulled him into a Turkish bearhug.  Deniz said, "Good luck."

I don't know what will get subtitled, since it's skater plot and Marian mooning over Jenny plot, neither of which the EKP ladies want to cover.  I still got the gist, though.  At least the guys had a decent amount of scenes in this episode, and were strong supporting characters in the plot.  Roman was even sort of pivotal in the skater plot today.  His tolerance for evil is somewhat disturbing.  Well, he was best friends with Jenny.  At least Roman usually feels bad when he does something wrong.  He has a more of a conscience than most of the other characters on the show.

More disturbing are Ben and Tom's greater tolerance for evil.  I don't know what the old Ben was like, but the new Ben seems like generally a pleasant, decent person.  Tom seems similar.  Roman didn't seem like he was going to forget what Isabelle had done.  I don't think Ben and Tom will exactly forget, but they'll probably let bygones be bygones.

So, a little Roman and Deniz; some Roman in skater plot; Ben and Isabelle stuff, which I mostly fast-forwarded through; Tom and Isabelle talking; the Steinkamps versus Axel; the Ozturks discussing Marian's hare-brained idea; and a glimpse of Florian.  Oh, and after Isabelle and Ben had sexytimes, Ben thought he was looking at Katja instead of Isabelle.  Sometimes the show not being subtle makes it full of win.  That was not the case with that one.