November 29th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2


Went to AT&T store.  Mom wants a new phone with bigger buttons.  She didn't make a decision then, but I got a Bluetooth.  It will be for Christmas, from one of the relatives who sends money.

Went to Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts.  Got T-shirts and hoodies on sale half-price.  At least a couple of the hoodies will also be for Christmas.

Commented here and there on AfterElton.  Got into reading slash fiction.

Paul Neyron rose 2

AWZ Monday

Max wants to keep Simone at home, like she begged him to.  Richard wants her to go to a sanitorium.  Vanessa is just taking care of Simone -- I'm not clear on whether she thinks home or sanitorium would be best for her mother.  Max hired a nurse for Simone.

Ben couldn't forgive Isabelle for doping and cutting Katja, at least not right away.  She tried to talk him into cheerful forgiveness, and it just wasn't happening.  He went jogging.  Isabelle cried and tried to call him.  Tom came to the penthouse.  Isabelle cried, and said she totally lost control around Katja.  Tom eventually found Ben.  Ben said that what Isabelle had done was sick.  Tom had said that to Isabelle herself earlier on, so he didn't really argue that.  Tom said that perhaps Ben had some blame in it, too.  Ben said that he wasn't like his father, with Nadja and Simone, that he would stay with his wife.  Tom smiled.

Roman came to the Bergmann flatshare to see Katja.  Annette was babysitting Alexander, and told Roman the story of what had happened with Isabelle and Katja using handpuppets.  It was pretty funny.  You didn't see Roman's face, but saw the protagonists in the story as Annette did a voiceover.  Katja came out of her room at the end of the story.  The audience didn't get Roman's reaction.  I would have liked to have seen it.

Rafael did some training exercises with the hockey team, then Roman took over as coach at the Center, for a practice game.  The hockey players don't call him whatever the German equivalent of "faggot" (Schwuchtel?)  is to his face.  I don't think they even do it behind his back.  They do refer to Frank and Florian that way.  Frank told Flo that a talent scout was coming.  Flo wasn't working with Frank during the game, and Roman yelled at him for ignoring her taps on the ice to signal she was open.  (Roman actually came across as pretty butch for those moments.  I think it's that yelling flattens out a certain style of speech.)  Florian came up to the scout, and said to watch them, and started working with Frank.  They work very well together.  The talent scout said he could only take one player, which wrecked the fragile truce Frank and Flo had for those few minutes.  Florian and Frank argued about who should be taken for that team.

Ben came to the flatshare, and talked to Katja.  She challenged him about something, there were heartbeats, and he said he loved her.  Eyeflashes ensued.

Paul Neyron rose 2

VL Monday

Tristan, hanging onto a little tree on a cliff, called for Andi to help him.  Andi didn't know why he should, and went so far as to start to walk away.  Then his better instincts won out, and he returned to help Tristan.  They ended up both falling down the cliff.  Andi was bruised and battered, with various wounds.  Tristan had blood coming out of his ear and a chest wound.  Tristan went from raving evilly at Andi to begging for his help.  Andi bandaged Tristan up and carried him to a little cabin in the woods.  Tristan got a little of his old energy back and sneered that Andi would never be more than a miserable little construction worker, and that he, Tristan, would get Helena.  Then he curled up and told Andi to leave.  Andi paused in the doorway, torn.

Meanwhile, Helena worried that leaving Tristan and Andi alone together in the woods might not have been the best idea.  She tried to call Andi, but his cell phone got no reception.  Andi had already thought of calling for help on the phone.  She called Christian, and he said that they hadn't heard from Andi, but they'd let her know if they did.  I think that's what Christian said.  That part wasn't subtitled -- just a bit of Christian talking in the middle of Andi/Helena/Tristan plot.

Nico talked to Arno, then Prince Boring came back.  Apparently while he'd been in the poker game with Antonia, which she cheated in, he'd actually called the police, and they finally got around to coming to get her.  He told Nico all about it after their joyous reunion.  I fast-forwarded through a lot of the Prince Boring and Antonia scenes, but I think that's what happened.

It was Christian and Olli's first day with Lilly, their African foster child.  They were worried because she was so quiet, and took her to a pediatrician.  The pediatrician said that Lilly was fine, but that Christian and Olli had mother hen syndrome.  I'm not particularly a fan of children, but Lilly is adorable.  Christian and Olli are really cute with her, too.  They all have wonderful charisma.  Charlie wants to take pictures of it all.  She's a good aunt.  The plot was slight, but the cute factor was eleven.