November 25th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

AWZ Thursday

Mostly skating, so we had little bits of Roman being there.  Katja did pretty well, I thought.  Roman hugged her when they were waiting for the scores, but didn't notice the blood coming through the top of her skate-shoe.  This plot is now requiring Roman to be quite oblivious.  He's one of the smartest and most perceptive characters on the show, on a regular basis, so the plot is making him act uncharacteristic at this point.  Katja limped out to a bench in front of the Center, where Ben found her.  He saw the blood coming through the top of her sneaker, and called an ambulance.  So Roman is oblivious, and Ben notices something.  I find it all very unlike those characters.

Ben brought Katja home, and she asked him to stay for a while.  I don't think she told him that it was all Isabelle's fault.

There was a bit with Frank and Florian doing sit-ups and passing a big ball back and forth (is that called a medicine ball?).  Andy was still calling them by a slur, and Flo was still ready to fight him.  Andy stopped that talk fast at No. 7, when Roman and Deniz heard Flo and him talk like that, and Deniz loomed over him.  I don't know why he didn't learn his lesson then.  I think he'll shut up again in Deniz' hearing, when Deniz comes back.  I still don't think this group of hockey players is hostile like the group back in the DeRo 1.0 days.  (Edited: Now that I've seen the translations, Andy was being really nasty, and I'm very surprised Lena didn't say something to him.  We discussed in the comments how the adults should be putting a stop to that kind of talk.  Someone mentioned the It Gets Better videos and the Trevor Project.  Bullying of gay teens and perceived-to-be-gay teens is a topic that we're sensitive to.)

I hope the situation lasts long enough for Florian to really learn something.  It would be nice if the other hockey players became less ignorant, as well.  Frank again thanked Florian for not telling, and Florian again said, "Schon okay."  He sounded resigned, but it was kind of sweet, too.  I think he still loves Frank.  I greatly look forward to this teenaged courtship, because they're just adorable.

Paul Neyron rose 2

very low-key today

Did not sleep last night at all.  I tried going to bed at 2:30 a.m.  I was very tired, but not sleepy.  Finally, at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m., I took some Advil and finally fell asleep around 6:30 or so.  I woke at one, had brunch and watched AWZ, then went to sleep again.  I vaguely remember Mom saying that I shouldn't sleep during the day because I wouldn't sleep at night.  I woke again at five.

Those who have been reading my last few "real life" posts will remember that Mom is sick (but on antibiotics now) and needs a knee replacement.  She saw the primary care doctor on Wednesday, and Dr. G. urged her not to put off getting a knee replacement for too long.  We'll see when Mom decides to get it done.

Anyway, Mom got the ambition to fix meatloaf with applesauce.  It's called "applesauce beefloaf," and the whole family likes it.  I don't want to start being a person who puts recipes on my LJ.  We had yams and spinach.  We didn't have any pie, but I had gotten pizzeles some time ago, and we had a couple of those.  My brother called in the afternoon, and spoke to Mom and Dad.  I called P. and Aunt P. and Uncle D. to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.  I got to talk a bit with my cousin R., who is pregnant.  She'll be the first of that generation to have a baby.  J. really wants to have children, but he needs to finish grad school first, at the least.  I left a Happy Thanksgiving message for S.M., who I believe is in Maryland at her niece's house.

We had cider, and talked about getting pie tomorrow, when it will probably be on sale very cheaply.  I still have some eggnog left from getting it the other day, so I'll probably have some later.  The yams (sweet potatoes, really) were enormous.  Mom and I shared one, and half of one was more than enough.  I'm really quite full.

Added: At least I got all my editing done.  They got proofreaders for that job needing a fast turnaround.  I may do a line edit requiring a fast turnaround on it.  I like the author, and the story sounds cute.  It's a pretty short story, too.

Not much else here.  I'll probably re-watch this week's AWZ episodes, at least the parts with Florian and Frank, and with Roman.  I have the feeling there will be a skating-ectomy as far as the clips that are subtitled.  I think they'll continue following the Flo and Frank storyline, as they have been.  I find it ironic that the main storyline that Roman is a supporting character in is not being followed, in that a gay character is not being shown, but characters who appear to be gay are.

The Dark Years showed just about all the clips Roman was in, as a supporting character in various storylines, and occasionally with a bit of storyline himself.  Things have changed, though.  I'm grateful for the English translations I get.  As I've been posting, I really enjoy the Florian and Frank storyline, and Deniz and Roman are supporting characters in that.  I love the Wild brothers' interaction with each other, and with Deniz.  I like that Franziska and Vanessa are getting close.  They have this great Steinkamp "grrl power" energy together, and a lot in common.  I want more Vanessa and Ben plot.  They have such wonderful chemistry.  I'd love for Nadja to come back for a good visit.

Paul Neyron rose 2

more reflection on AWZ

I'm curious to know how the Florian and Frank plot will progress.  Florian is very much like Deniz was, and Deniz is very aware of that.  I'm enjoying the twists this plot is putting on the DeRo 1.0 plot.  It's different enough to be quite sparkly in its own right.  Flo and Frank are great characters.  The actor and actress are really quite skilled, especially considering their ages.

At this point, the hockey team "knows" that Frank is gay, and know that Flo has a crush on Frank, and thinks that he's gay.  I think Flo must be rather relieved that his sexual orientation hasn't actually taken a sudden change in a different direction.  Internally, he must be more at peace about that.  He's unhappy that the whole hockey team is teasing him.  I still don't think that this hockey team is violently homophobic like several members of the DeRo 1.0 era team were.  I think they're just immature and enjoy getting a rise out of Florian.

I'm hoping for Flo and Frank to kiss some more, possibly in public.  The younger Steinkamps -- Ben and Vanessa -- would have no issue with it either way, whether Frank was actually a gay boy or wearing boy drag as she is.  The hockey team already thinks they're gay, so they have nothing to lose.

I read ahead in the spoilers, and things will not progress smoothly for them.  It looks like they'll have plenty of opportunity to pull each other's pigtails and behave like clueless-about-relationships teenagers.  Fortunately, Deniz and Roman will be there to counsel and scold them as needed.