November 20th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday's AWZ

The doping plot goes on.  Since Isabelle drank the drink she'd spiked with dope and meant for Katja, she was busy purging herself the whole day.  Tom came looking for her, and Frank opened the door for him.  "Hi, Frank," Tom said cheerfully.  His pleasant acceptance of the Gay Boys with Issues and his cross-dressing cousin-in-law is so refreshing.  I don't understand a lot of what he says, but from what I do get, Tom is full of win.

So, doping, Steinkamps, Tom mad at Isabelle for the continued doping...

Deniz left town for a training seminar(?) -- I don't know what he'd be training for.  It seemed kind of quick.  I hope Igor has a nice little vacation.  Deniz has been full of win in his counseling of the very confused Florian.  Both Wilds will miss him.

Looks like the next week will be mostly skating plot.  I hope they work in some plot involving the little Wild.  The elder Wild is involved in the skating plot.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday so far

My mood has been up and down several times today, and I haven't even been awake that many hours.  I watched EKP's clips of the past week, and was very glad to know what the characters had said.  I thought it would be good for me to get out of the house, so I drove Mom to the dollar store.  Not that I don't enjoy it, too, but there was no parking anywhere near.  The handicapped parking was full, and someone pulled up to park in the spot with the lines across that's meant for a van lift -- it isn't a space.  I let Mom off in front of the store and ended up parking several rows away from the store -- the closest space I could get was not too close.

Mom was saying she wanted to get Dad an anniversary card.  I interpreted that as a not-too-subtle hint to me, too.  I always forget their anniversary.  I think it's probably psychological.  I remember their birthdays.  J. always calls them and sends cards for their anniversary.

They didn't have anniversary cards, Mom told me.  She went off looking for various inexpensive health and beauty aids.  I found a box of fairy wands, and got a couple.  If I don't make a soapfairy appearance, Lisabea can bear the wand.  I'm very intimidated about setting off metal detectors with my ankle plate and screws, and flying for the first time I can remember, not to mention going to a huge strange city.  New York City was not strange to me because I'd been born in a suburb of it, and we'd been there so many times when I was young.

I checked out, and didn't see Mom.  I called her, and told her I was going to the car.  I called P. when I got to the car, and left a message.  I played my music on the trip back, and Mom started whining and whining.  She really isn't into Richard Hell and the Voidoids, apparently.  It didn't take her long to decide that.  I said, "You play your music when I'm in your car."  On our last trip into the northwest wilds of New Jersey, they played Godspell the whole way up while I was trying to sleep -- and sang along, too.  I couldn't drive yet then, so I really wanted to sleep.  That was my car, but of course I can't play my kind of music in my car if they're there.

I stopped at a convenience store and got eggnog and cream.  P. called back while I was checking out.  I called her back when we got home.  She's getting ready for a very busy week, working day shift at a grocery store Sunday through Wednesday.  I would not be able to take it.  She says Wednesday is the worst.

Tonight is the Chrolli book club.  I expect KC and I will be there.  I don't know who else to expect.  I should try to get a few things, like the rest of my ankle exercises, done before then.

It looks like I'll be officially getting a new editing gig.  I don't want to say too much about it yet, but the books seem like they'll be pretty interesting.  I've gone international with this one, too.  Well, I was international before as a proofreader, when Alex Beecroft headed up the first I Do anthology, and a number of British and Canadian writers contributed stories.

Brent Hartinger wrote a good article for AfterElton the other day:  I know I frequently say that, but he frequently writes good articles.  It doesn't seem possible to talk about the subject of effeminate or more stereotypical gay characters versus more "traditionally masculine"-acting gay characters without getting controversy.  It's a very touchy subject.  Of course, I had things to say, and went off into my own little rant-tangents.

I remembered Dennis G. saying something about how the guys in the gay community of Cologne hated the character of Roman -- I think because he was such a stereotype, or so swishy?  I also remembered later that he'd referred to Roman as a "living cliché" and a "camp faggot."  (  He said both those things in English, so there was no language barrier for me there.  I decided not to quote the "camp faggot" description on AfterElton.  It's one thing if Dennis calls himself a faggot, which he did a few times that weekend that I heard.  I wouldn't call someone that, though I'm fine with referring to myself as a fag hag.  G.L. said I was his nearly twenty years ago, then passed me off to S. a year or so ago.  I've been reinvented for the new generation.

I think I've become KC's online fag hag.  It feels that way to me.  If not his, probably A.'s.  Depends who claims me.  For a while, I had a new secret gay boyfriend every week or so, though it seemed to go back and forth a lot between Michael Jenson and Brent Hartinger.  My secret gay boyfriends were boyfriends.  I don't know if I'll pick up on that again.  S. is my secret love child again, and that's what's important to me.