November 18th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday AWZ -- belatedly

Florian and Frank kissed for a good minute, then Florian backed up and took off.  Ironically, he was wearing his "I'm only here for the ladies" T-shirt.

Florian talked to Deniz.  It's good that Florian has a sympathetic person to go to to talk through things.  Florian is not as emotionally expressive as Roman is -- is anybody? -- but he is a talker.  Deniz has turned into a good listener.  It's sweet to see Deniz being supportive of someone so much like he was three years ago.  Deniz understands all about being sexually confused.

Vanessa talked to Franziska.  What Vanessa said reflected her experiences with Deniz, which must have been rather alarming to Frank.  Vanessa advised Franziska to tell Florian that she's a girl.  Frank got as far as going to the Wild-Ozturk flat, dithering for a time, then ringing the doorbell.  Florian looked through the peephole, saw it was Frank, and dithered for a while about answering the door.  Frank unzipped her jacket, and it was clear to see that she had breasts.  She pulled her jacket around her chest a few minutes later though, as she got cold.  When Florian finally opened the door, she was gone.

The Katja-doping plot goes on.  Katja will be allowed to skate.  Isabelle doped Katja's drink, and marked it with a red straw, but Claudia saw her do it.  At the end of the show, after Isabelle had drunk her drink, Claudia came up and said to Isabelle, "Green is for hope."  Isabelle realized in horror that she had just drunk the doped-up drink.

Ingo and Annette continue their swing-dance thing.  It's kind of cute.  They met up with another couple who had a different kind of swinging in mind, but AnnIngo were blissfully unaware of the other couple's intentions.

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday AWZ

A little of Roman stuffing his face with fries -- apparently now he eats when he gets nervous.  Before, he used to clean the ceramic stovetop.  Anyway, he talked to Katja, although parts of it were mumbled through the fries.

Isabelle ran to the locker room -- to the shower(?!?) -- and made herself vomit up the drink she'd doped for Katja.  Here's hoping the drug had already been absorbed into her system, the evil witch.  Well, she's turned Claudia against her.  Who ever thought Claudia would be on the side of good?  More stuff with fallout of the doping went on with the Steinkamps and the BDE people.

No Florian and Frank today.  I was hoping for some lovely fireworks and continued complete misunderstandings.  I'm delighting in Florian's sexual confusion.  I questioned myself for about a year, so I've been there, though I was nineteen to Florian's seventeen.  I settled on "bisexual" as the best label of the ones available.  I'm sure Florian will be back to labeling himself heterosexual soon enough, but I hope the experience humbles and educates him.  I also hope that he appreciates how Deniz was there for him.

I believe Simone decided that there should be a Jenny Steinkamp Memorial Cup after all.  Richard was trying to stop it, because Simone had been opposed, but Simone apparently had a change of heart.  Richard and Max are getting along very well now, in their joint concern for Simone.  They even shook hands.  Ben and Max are still getting along pretty well.  From what the Steinkamps said, Axel really is in a coma.  Not that anybody cares, except maybe for Lisabea, who was enjoying how evil he was being.  I was upset that he was adding to the Steinkamps' grief and their suffering of the loss of Jenny.

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday real life

I woke at 10:00 a.m., strangely enough.  Mom called at noon to make sure I was awake, which was nice of her.  I went upstairs to watch yesterday's AWZ episode (see post below), then took my shower.  I paid my phone bill, and made it to a 2:00 p.m. appointment on time -- actually, a few minutes early.  I did another couple errands afterwards.

My leg was aching very badly, so I took a good painkiller when I got home.  I stopped to get the mail.  I'd received my handicapped parking placard, along with literature from my Representative, and a note that he'd sent it at my request.  I'm very grateful that I got the placard five weeks sooner than I would have if I'd just done it through PennDOT.  The next elections for the House of Representatives aren't for another two years now, and by then I will have probably forgotten about my gratitude, but I'll certainly appreciate for the next month how he expedited it.

Mom said it was raining when she got home.  I suppose I can predict the weather now by how badly my ankle aches when it's going to rain.  I went upstairs again to watch AWZ, and I couldn't get Dad's computer to work.  I called Dad, and he said he would help me when he got home.  I went to the computer now in the computer room, Dad's old one, and got it there, though the video was very slow and jerky.  At least I watched it.

I called around to some of the garden club members I'm friendly with.  D.S. said she had had a lot going on, including a good bit of dental surgery in the last couple weeks.  It didn't sound like that had been fun.  Her daughter is coming on Tuesday in preparation for Thanksgiving.  We talked about perhaps getting together the week after Thanksgiving.  Thore did a "Twenty Questions" with Theresa(?), the actress who plays Lydia, on VL Extra, and I'd like to know what he said.  They were talking some about him hunting, because I recognized the word "Jager."  I didn't get much of what they were saying, and it would be very nice to get a translation.  (Added: Mercurymay did a translation.  It's on Mercurymay01.  I was so happy to see it with subtitles.)

I'd called S.M. earlier in the day.  She called back, and we're going to get together for lunch tomorrow.  It gets me out of the house and gives me a few hours of talking with a friend, so I think it's good for me.  She makes very tasty salads.  I'll need to be patient with the computer lessons, but maybe I'll teach her YouTube.  Dad put the transport chair she'd lent me into the trunk of my car, and she can lift it out.  I got some good use out of it while I had it.

I called P.A. about helping her sort out the books she's donating to various places when she moves into a retirement village.  I told her that I couldn't do heavy lifting.  Of course, P.A. can't either.  She's in her eighties and uses a cane.  She said her back is very bad -- my guess is arthritis.  But, I said, I could still help her pack the books into boxes, and make lists of what books were in which box.  I can't get my own books in order, but I don't want to get rid of my own books.  I can get someone else's books in order.

P.A. said she had a complete set of Dickens that she'd like to give to a library or donate to a bookstore.  She said that she thinks of all the children who don't have things to read, and we talked about how sad it was that public libraries were closing for lack of funding.  Mom and I hate to see that happen.  P.A. doesn't want to just throw the books away.  She'd like them to be used and appreciated.  She said I gave her hope that she could at least get through that one project.

So, I did some things I needed to do, and made social plans.  I did a load of laundry, including my sheets.  I can do all my own laundry now, plus some of Mom's if she throws clothes to wash in my loads.  It's one more way I've gotten back a little independence, and taken a bit more of the burden I was off of Mom.

My lily, the one I put by my couch-bed, is blooming.  It has two flowers open.  I put saucers under all the plants I'd gotten at the produce place, and watered them.  I went into the dining room several times to smell the freesias.  I don't know how long the plants I got will last, but I appreciate all the flowers I have.  One geranium that was a last-minute rescue from outside is starting to bloom, and it's a red one.  Those are the most cheerful ones, for me.