November 17th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday real life

Off to physical therapy.  My leg ached so badly last night that I was taking the good painkillers.  I think it was the rain.  It wasn't as bad today, and I did all my assigned exercises.  Even though my leg's been hurting, the top of the ankle isn't as swollen, which makes it much easier to bend the foot up.  I go to the doctor Monday, and we'll see what he says.

Mom wanted me to go to the local produce place.  I got the spinach and cherry tomatoes on her list, then did some shopping of my own.  I got raspberries from the fruit section.  The flowers there are only a fraction of the cost that they would be at [local independent garden center].  They have cut flowers and live plants.  They had miniature roses for $2.00 each, Asiatic lilies in bud and starting to bloom, and freesias, among other things.  I don't see freesias for sale too often, except for the bulbs in the spring.  They're a favorite flower of mine.  I like lilies, too.  Asiatic lilies don't have any scent, but perhaps it's for the best when they're in the house.

Not much else to say.  The RTL-Now website seems to be down, but I'll check it every so often.  I'm eager to see what happens with Florian and Frank.

(Added: It turned out that RTL had done a website update, and this computer couldn't run it.  I wrote to Lisabea and antiteb, in AWZ-withdrawal panic.  Lisabea suggested I clear my cache.  Dad's helping me fix the computer today (18th).  Meanwhile, I watched that episode this morning on Dad's computer.)