October 3rd, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

alumni reunion

Alumni reunion for GLBT organization members from [local university].  Saw C.K., J.A., J. III, M.R., and various other people from around my time there.  Got contact info from people there before my time, to get history stories from them.  Caught up with the current students, and those who graduated last year.  I talked a fair amount with D.S.  I told S. he'd been fired as my secret love child since I hadn't heard from him all summer.  He made a pouting face.  Apparently he had an issue with someone and wasn't answering his phone at all.  God knows.  I told him he'd have to earn back being my secret love child.

I stayed in my wheelchair pretty much the whole time.  It was just easier to get around that way, rather than hobble from seat to seat at the tables.  I asked all around for a ride home.  The current students were going to an after-party at D.S. and J.S.'s house.  I got a ride home with C.K. and his partner.  I'd certainly given C.K. many rides to the city when we were in school.  After he'd agreed to do it, C.K. remembered about the driveway from hell.  I was impressed that it was memorable twenty years later.

I saw S. get a business card from J. III.  I will have to give S. a hard time about that, once I find out what the story is.  I'd missed the students so badly, and it was good to see them again.  I don't think it will take very long for S. to go back to being my secret love child, but don't tell him that.

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

Woke up unusually early, at 7:00 a.m., for no apparent reason.  Mom saw I was awake when she came downstairs.  "Do you want to go to church?" she asked.  I tell her that if I'm spontaneously awake first thing in the morning on a Sunday morning, I might go to church with them.  "It's the Blessing of the Animals day."  The denomination observes saints' days, and it was St. Francis' day.  I decided to go.

The hall off the sanctuary has a ramp, so I went in that way on my walker.  We sat in the first row of chairs by the big windows near the altar.  That way I wasn't trying to get in and out of a pew.  I didn't stand except to go up and take communion.  Normally, there's a lot of standing, sitting and kneeling involved in the church services, except Mother G. lets people stand to pray instead of kneeling, if they prefer.

The animals are blessed in the churchyard, so after the service, Dad got me one of the church wheelchairs, and we headed out.  I got to pet a lot of dogs.  A.B. was there with Paddington the miniature poodle mix and Julie the Yorkshire terrier.  Julie had on a T-shirt saying "Victorino" and Paddington a T-shirt saying "Howard."  Those are well-known players if you follow the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.  Paddington had an Eagles collar, too, so he was all set for football season as well.  Paddington remembered me, and stood on his hind legs to be petted.  A.B. put Julie in my lap.

When we headed in to coffee hour, I met some other dogs.  Most of the ones the owners took inside were small, so they couldn't reach the tables.  Dad brought a wet paper towel over so I could wash my hands, and I had a couple of mini-muffins and a mini turnover.

I spoke to a number of people, and told the story about my ankle when they asked about it.  I said it was getting better, and that I was doing physical therapy now.  I thanked B.P. for the loan of the walker bag.  That's been extremely helpful for me to carry little or light things in.  A couple of people said I should come to the church women's group meeting later in the month.  They're a nice group.  They started an evening meeting for women who couldn't make it to the morning meetings, so I might go to the evening meetings sometimes.  They do a lot of fund-raising for donations to charities.  I, of course, do not have the funds many of the women do, but I could do something that involved volunteering time.  Maybe I could get into the literacy-teaching program.

A.B. gave me Paddington and Julie's leashes to hold while she went to get muffins and something to drink.  Paddington was practically pulling me along.  He's pretty strong for a twenty-pound dog.  We did pretty well until they wrapped their leashes around the chair legs, but A.B. was finished with her muffins, and almost finished with her apple juice, by then.  Dad had been anxious to get going for several minutes.

We stopped at a bank in a grocery store so I could get singles for the paratransit.  It's four dollars each way, and it has to be exact change.  Mom will be taking me to physical therapy on Monday, and Dad likely will on Friday, so the $20.00 in singles should last me a couple of weeks.  Dad made a detour in the store to get bagels.

Mom made scrambled eggs when we got home, and had me stir them while she went in the laundry room to get the laundry started.  She was using a fork to stir them rather than a wooden spoon -- I have no idea why she wasn't using the wooden spoon like usual -- and I could only see the far half of the frying pan from where I was seated.  I stirred for a bit, then called her back into the kitchen when some of the scrambled eggs seemed to be browning a little on the bottom.  She rescued them, and they were fine.

Mom and Dad watched the last Phillies baseball game of the regular season.  The Phillies got into the post-season, so there will be weeks yet of baseball to go.  I napped for a couple of hours, then put the contact information I'd gotten from gay and lesbian alumni who attended last night's reunion into my phone and e-mail contacts, depending what information they'd given.  One of the people I met had been a very active president of the GLBT organization in the mid-1980s, and we'd found a lot of articles about him and the activities the group did then in scrapbooks in the organization's office.  I really wanted to get more stories about what had been going on with the group in the 1980s.  They had an AmFAR fundraiser in the mid-1980s, and many other events.  He said he had lots of photos and information he could bring down from his home sometime, and many stories he could tell.  A couple of the alums I got phone numbers and e-mail addresses from were women, and it will be good to get more from the perspective of lesbian members of the organization.

I have a week's worth of Alles was zahlt episodes to catch up on, and a post to do about Thursday and Friday's episodes of Verbotene Liebe.