September 27th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

catching up on VL

I'd thought Thursday's episode of Verbotene Liebe was pre-empted.  It wasn't there when I looked on Thursday.  However, it was up today, so I watched Thursday and Friday's full episodes.  There was more with Lydia's psycho stalker, who I'm quickly growing to hate, without even knowing what he did the first time around.  Olli was worried for Lydia.  He clearly remembered what had happened the last time, and was telling Christian a little about it.  The stalker said that therapy had made him a new man, but he's still obviously a total stalker, and blackmailing Lydia.

The vorschau say that Ansgar gets into an antagonistic thing against Lydia's stalker.  Apparently Lydia asks for Ansgar to help her, if I understood right.  The blackmail pictures the stalker has are of Lydia with Ansgar.  I think Ansgar would do almost anything he could to protect Lydia.  He has strong feelings for her, and doesn't want anyone to hurt her.  I'm curious to see how that plays out.  If it's the psycho stalker versus Ansgar, I'm betting Ansgar wins.

Ludwig wants to sell off the forest around Konigbrunn.  I think it would be a shame.  He and Elisabeth asked Arno to help them with valuations.  Apparently the castle is falling apart in places, so it wouldn't fetch that much on the market, if there was much market for castles.  I'm glad Arno is getting into some plot.  I'm sure he has had tons of plot along the line, since he's been on the show for the whole time, but he shouldn't be wasted.

The show needs to prioritize.  They're wasting tons of time on stupid Prince Phillip plot, when the actor can't act, and the storylines would be dull even if he could.  Apparently the actor was a model, and should have stuck with modeling.  Christian and Olli are better-looking than he is, anyway, if the show is trying to provide eye-candy, and Jo and Thore have good acting skills.  Constantin is a gorgeous young man, and played by a talented actor.  They're giving Elisabeth some plot, but it's mostly with the more dull von Lahnsteins.  Charlie has had plot here and there.

So the show has brought back Andi, Nico and Constantin.  That's all great, but they need to get them into good plots.  They shouldn't isolate them just with one other character, but have them interacting with a wide variety of the characters.  They have plenty of history.  Nico should hang out at No Limits.  She'd be a much more classy addition than Rebecca ever was.  She had a brief visit or two to the Sabel-Mann-Fritzche flat when she first came back, then nothing.  She was close with Christian and Andi, and with Arno in a different way.  I don't see why she can't interact with them.

It seems like the show is wasting the good characters by giving them only tiny amounts of screen time or stupid plots.  They've got gorgeous, talented actors, and they're not using them, but using actors who can't act for huge chunks of storyline.  Christian and Olli have gone back to being secondary, or tertiary, characters.  Other really good actors are not being given the time they deserve, either.

Ten years ago, there were a lot of young people, and middle-class families living together, brothers or brothers and sisters in flatshares or visiting at their parents' houses.  The younger crowd interacted at their flatshares, at Schneider's, at No Limits, at parties and dance clubs.  They mixed and loved and fought and had their friendships.  That's all stagnated now, as the writers can't deal with more than two or three people at a time in one plot, and insist on tossing together characters who have no chemistry.

Here's hoping for improvement.

Paul Neyron rose 2

various on Monday

I'll expand on this all later.  (Added: pretty much expanded on what I wanted to...)

Physical therapy.  Paratransit issues, got a ride with a lady from the church my folks attend.  Got there, did my thing, got home in good time.  Thanked B. several times.  I would have had to cancel my appointment otherwise.  They're starting me with strength training for that ankle.  I'm scared of cracking something.  I know they're professionals, but I don't know how much my ankle is healed up, and how much weight it can take without the cast on.  The flexibility exercises are okay.  They're painful, but I want to regain as much range of motion as I can.  From what I'm told, I'll always have arthritis in that ankle, from now on.  I've had arthritis in that knee for years, though it's gotten much better on those occasions when I've lost weight.

Story to proof.  (Added: proof finished.)  It's a cool story.  Will let you know all about it when I can, Kris.

Borrowed from Kris to pass on:  I wish someone had told me in middle school or high school that it got better.  I was just the completely socially inept freak.  I didn't even identify as bi then -- I was not self-aware at all.  I came out at nineteen.  College was much better than high school in a lot of ways.

AfterElton article about a TV person -- on a paranormal investigation show? -- coming out as bisexual.  Had not heard of him, but the article is getting interesting comments:  Of course I said something.  And of course I think what I said was balanced and what I understand as truthful.  We'll see what my "invisible, imaginary, Internet friends" think, and what the AfterElton readers think.  Those two groups may be overlapping.  I don't know how I feel about that.  There's a lot of overlap in what I post about.

I've never misled on that site about being a woman.  I believe that in some ways I have had it easier being bisexual than I would have if I were a lesbian.  It's not that I feel all that much more comfortable with straight culture than "womyn's" culture.  I tend to get along better with men, and I definitely have a thing for bi men.  Most I've met are very polyamorous, and that's not my style, but I like a guy I can bond with on so many levels.

My brother finished his paper about his visit to a Baltimore MCC service.  He doesn't want me to read it until he turns it in.  I said that I'd just proof it, not even line edit it.  He definitely didn't want to get history and perspective from me.  I have so many things I could tell him about, too.  Troy Perry had much to say on his visit to [local university], and so did members of the audience.  Rev. Perry told about the church meeting places that had been firebombed, including one in which a couple of church members died, and how that wasn't reported in the mainstream media.  Seriously, it happened, and was not reported.  He had many positive stories, as well, and a much more patient response to some hostile audience members than I would have had.  It was an educational talk in so many ways.

J. said he'd just used an initial for me in his paper, just calling me E.  I said that was ridiculous.  It's not like it's that public a forum.  The professor is out, and so are most of the students, apparently.  It's really okay if they hear that J.'s sister is bi, and political about gay rights.

Verbotene Liebe: How cute was Christian with the pony?  And Olli saying he hated when Christian found him "sweet."  I was laughing so hard at that one.

Thore has the charisma to not fade into the background when children and animals are in the scene.  I'm not much for children, but I guess it was cute if you like that kind of thing.  I love when Thore's working with horses, or a pony in this case.  It seems like the Konigsbrunn stable has a couple of ponies.  He was just radiating charisma, then Jo as Olli showed up in the scene, and there was a cuteness and charisma overload.

Olli had something more of an edge in 2008.  He definitely had more of an edge in 2001.  But in 2008 he stuck up for himself, and wasn't afraid to take people on.  Ever since April of 2008, Olli and Christian have had a generally sweet romance.  In the last couple of years Olli has almost always been sweet, and was a nice person from his return to Dusseldorf on.  "Sweet" is usually a defining characteristic for him.  So very funny that he doesn't see himself that way.  It was a very male response, but also the sort of response someone in a long relationship would give a lover.  For some reason, it really struck me as something a man in a relationship with a man might say.  Maybe it had something to do with the delivery.

Olli was being loving and nurturing and supportive, everything that Christian is overjoyed to get from someone, let alone the man he loves.  Olli called Christian "sweet" a few times lately, without real protest from Christian that I can remember.  Christian has been pretty sweet lately, too, so it was accurate enough.  I'm looking forward to seeing the English translations of today's scenes, but I think I got the gist, and understood some of the better lines.