September 25th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday soap operas

Verbotene Liebe: I'd been worried because Nanna hadn't put any videos up for some time.  She put one up on Ichglotzgerman, with a note that she'd been sick, but would try to put the last couple up with subtitles over the weekend.  I'm sorry she's been sick, but glad to know what's been going on.  Constantin showed the wedding videos he'd taken, and at Konigsbrunn, Christian asked about the castle servants' jobs.  Elisabeth said she couldn't promise anything about their jobs long-term.  Olli knew that Christian was brooding about something, and finally got him to talk.  My best guess is that Olli said he'd be there to support Christian.  He said "imma" -- always -- and that they were married now.  They're taking their marriage much more seriously than many other soap opera couples do.

AfterElton had a mention of it being Thore Scholermann's birthday over the weekend:  Someone said that Thore was pretty, then asked who he was.  Snicks explained who he was.  I put up links to Ichglotzutube and deepdarkmidnight's channels.  I thought they would be informative.

Apparently I hadn't seen Thursday's episode of Alles was zahlt, which had hockey and Deniz and Roman.  Ingo was busy with fry stand stuff, so Roman filled in as the hockey trainer.  Florian and the other hockey players couldn't believe it either.  Roman said something like, "Do you have a problem with that?"

Florian said, "This is hockey.  We don't do pirouettes."  Roman told him there was a talent scout there, so the players had better have a good practice.  Florian winced when Deniz kissed Roman goodbye there by the boards.  I guess it's worse when your hockey player friends not only know that your brother is gay, but see it too, at least in Florian's mind.  Roman and Deniz had major problems with Deniz' fellow hockey players when Roman outed himself by kissing Deniz, back when.

Deniz got called up to Richard Steinkamp's office.  Richard had apparently found out that the video of his sexytimes with Claudia had been uploaded from Deniz' computer.  Richard yelled, including something about all the people who'd seen his "nackt hintern," then fired Deniz.  Florian came up to say that he was the one who had done it, not Deniz.  Deniz got his job back.  Richard yelled at Florian.  Deniz pulled Florian out of Richard's office as Florian was saying something about not dissolving the hockey team.

Deniz and Roman headed to the lake, stripped to their undies, and ran into the water.  They kissed, and took off the undies.  When they tossed them to the beach, they bounced off Florian, who got quite the expression.  Roman said something to Florian that included the word "Internet."  I choose to interpret what Roman said as a threat that Florian had better not put Roman and Deniz' sexytimes in the lake up on the Internet.  We'll see if that's anything close to what Roman said.  I don't think Florian was planning to put video of his brother and his brother's lover kissing and playing in the lake on the Internet.

Deniz had earlier asked Roman to put in a good word for Florian with Richard Steinkamp, after Flo was fired.  Roman said that Flo had gotten himself into that crap, and just about gotten Deniz fired.  Deniz was really pretty forgiving, considering.  Now I think Florian asked the same.  Roman said he'd make a deal with Florian.  I think the deal was that if Flo gave Roman's underwear back, Roman would talk to Richard Steinkamp.  I couldn't believe that Roman and Deniz were cock-blocked by Florian.  They should have told Flo to come back in a couple of hours.  I love Florian, but that love will be tested if he takes on too much of a cock-blocking role.

The klein Wild is trying, I think.  He's still embarrassed by having a brother who's so open about his sexuality.  Flo has certainly gotten the idea that Deniz and Roman have a very passionate relationship, which was far more than he wanted to know.  He likes Deniz very much, and is developing an affectionate brotherly relationship with Roman.  It seems like it's still hard for Florian to deal with everyone in fictional Essen knowing his brother is gay.  Roman went through a lot when he came out, but he's much happier being openly gay than being closeted.  Roman told Florian that he would have to be polite and respectful about it if he wanted to live with them -- no homophobic jokes.  Flo seems to be obeying that.