September 19th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday day and evening

I got upstairs to take a shower.  (Yay!)  Three days out of four or so, it's just a sponge bath for me, so a shower is great because I get to wash my hair.  This time I told Mom to stay outside the bathroom, and I'd call her when I was ready to get out of the tub.  I told her to close the bathroom door, unlike last time when she left it wide open and Dad came upstairs to their bedroom and the den when I was drying off.  I felt much better about getting some privacy this time.

I was thrilled about getting my hair clean.  I can now put my right foot down so it stays relatively flat on the bottom of the tub, though I'm still trying my best not to put any weight on it.  The infection I got from the cast (or from having it on for a month, anyway) is getting better, so that also helped as far as putting the foot down without it feeling very weird.  The prescription for that seems to be working well enough.  I got both legs washed pretty well without help, and of course the rest of me.  I haven't been doing my arms exercises twice a day most days, but can still push myself up off the edge of the tub using my arms.  I've got to get back to doing those arm exercises twice a day again.  Mom still hovers for that lift and transfer, as I'm still slippery wet at that point, and so is the floor.  So far, I've managed to soak the bathmat every time I've taken a shower, even with my right leg pretty much in the tub most of the time by now.

It took a long time for me to pull myself up the stairs this time, as the removable cast is so heavy, but downstairs was easy enough.  It was a nice day, so the parental units helped me get down the step at the back door, onto the concrete slab, and then out to sit among my fragrant herbs and scented-leaf geraniums.  I was in the transport chair, so I could move myself around a little bit.  It was difficult with the ground so soft from the recent rain.  Mom pushed me a few feet, so I could get around to different plants and see how they were doing, and enjoy their scents. 

Mom wanted to go out shopping and doing various errands.  She persuaded Dad to come along, though he'd been mowing all morning and wasn't very happy.  We stopped at Party City first -- my idea, of course -- and I stocked up on glowsticks.  "They're like portable nightlights," I said.  I compared the selection, with Mom and Dad throwing in their comments, too.  I have enough for the next couple of weeks now.  Mom found an aluminum foil baking pan.  I think it's meant for having a Sterno under it on one of those tables to keep food hot, but she said she'd use it to grill food -- put pork chops or chicken in the pan, I suppose.

We stopped at the library.  Dad had just taken another overdue mystery back for me, which I'd finished on Thursday night.  Perhaps I will get back to reading regularly.  My card didn't come up with any fines on it, but the interlibrary loan people who'd called me had said that the libraries had billed them.  I'm sure I'll get something in the mail.  This was the third Jordan Poteet mystery, Promises of Home.  The series is about a mystery-solving librarian living in the small Southern town he grew up in.  He lived in Boston after college, but came back to help his sister when their mother got Alzheimers.  I liked the books, but just didn't feel like reading for a month and a half.

Then it was off to the grocery store, and I got a scooter to ride around in.  It moved pretty fast, and I wasn't too bad at steering, even at backing up.  The store was very crowded, though, and many people were standing in the aisles, completely oblivious to what was going on around them, or at least that a scooter was coming up.  I'm not sure if the scooter had a horn, plus I feel like honking a scooter horn is pretty obnoxious, but I did say "Pardon me, trying to get through," a few times.  We got mushrooms and artichoke hearts and stuffed grape leaves at the salad bar.  I got a serving of bread pudding at the dessert section of the salad bar.

It was all a relatively good trip for me.  I'd gotten 4"x4" gauze pads to put over the incision scar on my ankle, which had gotten rubbed by the removable cast this past week.  The first day I got the plaster cast off, Mom and I ran all kinds of errands later that day, then the next day as well.  I should have realized that the incision would still be very tender.  It was protected by still quite a bit of cotton bandaging within the plaster cast.  I washed my leg, put on Neosporin ointment, and put the gauze over the incision scar.  I did that today (Sunday) as well, and it really seems to be helping.

I did the ankle exercises the physical therapist had assigned for me, then got on the computer.  I was doing some online e-book shopping at Aspen Mountain Press when I realized it was 8:30 p.m., and the Chrolli "book club" would have started at 8:00.  There were a couple of women chatting already, and we were joined by KC at some point.  A. didn't come online until 10:00, with an "omfg, I forgot my own club."  He was just going out to see a Resident Evil movie, so he was only around for a few minutes.

We decided that since Christian and Olli had only been on Friday's episode, and Nanna hasn't done a clip of it yet, we wouldn't give him a terribly hard time.  We agreed that we wouldn't let him live it down for a good long while, though.  He'll get e-mail and FaceBook reminders for this coming Saturday. :)

We discussed all kinds of things, and gave each other links for clips.  I talked about my editing, and one of the women asked how I got into it.  I told the story about starting to work for Jordan, and her recommendation that I start proofing for Changeling.  I think it was only a few months after I started proofing for Changeling that they started training me as a line editor.  I recommended a few good books, including Snowball in Hell and Border Roads.  Those seem to be the books I pimp out the most, besides explaining how much I like my job by linking to JCP Books (  I said that for Changeling this week I was working on a story by Willa Okati, though this one is a menage under another name; and next week a story by Sarah Black.  If those Chrolli fans get into reading m/m romance, they'll hear those names again.

I asked for fan fiction recommendations, and they gave me a few, mostly recommending the No Limits fan fiction site for stories.  They also recommended one on a LJ community, though that seems very hard to search.  I'll have to look at the GODT boards.  I finally signed out at 3-something a.m.  My ankle was hugely swollen from keeping it down on just a low cushion for so long.  It didn't take me too long to go to sleep afterwards, though.

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

Not too much today -- it's been a much quieter day except for finishing up working out my editing schedule for the next couple of weeks.  Well, my schedule with Changeling, anyway.  Exciting news on the Petit Morts front, Kris.  It's been officially announced now.  Sean Kennedy is doing a story for this batch, and it's a wonderful story.  It totally captures the spirit of the series, and of Chance.  There's an interview with Sean in Jordan's newsletter.  Sean and Jordan talked about "spunky" meaning something quite different in Australian slang.  For some reason I'd been in a discussion about Australian slang a few weeks ago.  Was that a discussion of yours, Kris?  It took me a minute, but I remembered "spunky" was the equivalent of "hot."  Well, Australians would get it.  Not only is it a great entry in the series, but one with real Australian flavor.

My plan is to do a fair amount of editing tonight, and a little web surfing, maybe a little reading.  I'll update if anything exciting happens to me today.

Here's a bit from Eskimo Kiss Project about a group going around the U.S. to get LGBT stories.  I'll have a couple of travel recommendations for them.

Edited to add: Willa/Zoey's story rocks.  Sarah's story rocks.  They're really clean -- in the sense that they don't need a whole lot of fixing.  I'm getting such good stories to edit.  These are the times I love my job.  Well, I also like feeling like there's a lot I've done to improve a story that needed it, but it's a pleasure to start out an edit on a story that's already excellent.