September 9th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday into Monday

Well, at least I got that editing job done.  I'm still trying to distract myself by writing.  The cast gave me an infection on my foot.  It's not like I'm putting any weight on it anyway, but it itches.  I burned my hand taking a two-cup measuring cup of boiling water of the microwave yesterday.  I ran my hand under cold water, and put ice on it, then a layer of Neosporin, as I couldn't get upstairs to get burn cream.  It went from the entire ball of my thumb being pink to only having a couple of blisters, so I suppose the immediate application of cold did some good.  I have a blister at the base of my thumb, and a rather long one on the side of the ball of my thumb.  I spent some time today popping them and putting Neosporin on.  They refilled with lymph several times, so I popped each a few times.  They still look kind of nasty, but I'll keep putting antibiotic cream on.

I'm scheduled to get the plaster cast off on Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it, especially since I'll be able to apply the ointment to heal up the infection to all the places the infection is.  I was rather apprehensive about trying to boil water again, but told myself to get back on that horse.  Today I managed much better.  I took it slowly, and made sure to get a good grip on the handle without touching any other part of the cup.  It was all pain-free this time.

So I really want things to distract me from the physical.  The physical is still just no fun.  I have more of a sense of the broken ankle being temporary, but I'm very eager for a change of cast.
Paul Neyron rose 2

soap operas and real life

I went to [center] in [borough] to talk with someone about disability paperwork.  There are an unbelievable amount of forms to fill out if you need aid even for a temporary disability.  Still no word from SEPTA, so I got a ride with E.M.  I didn't want her to hurt herself again with trying to lift the wheelchair, so I just used the walker.  I'm able to walk for longer distances now.  I suppose part of it is that I'm more or less pain-free, and part of it is that I'm still doing some exercises.  The lady helped me get a lot of the paperwork straightened out.

E.M. ran errands meanwhile.  I called when I was finishing up.  She was at the post office, but got back to [center] pretty quickly.  She took me down a few streets to the bookstore, and I accomplished a surprising amount while I was there.  I got the romance shelves in order and filled in.  I even got into the back room on my walker, sat in a little chair that was back there, and got the boxes of romances straightened out.

Mom had to work until 5:30, when she usually gets off work at 4:30.  I asked for a ride, and E.B. said he'd take me home, which was very nice of him.  I was a bit worried about riding with an eighty-seven-year-old driver, but he actually drove quite well.  He got me to the house, I got in the garage, and was all set.  I headed up to the kitchen to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich, and had a granola bar, too, so I ate well enough.

Soap operas: AWZ: A lot of Lena today, and some with Claudia Bergmann now scheming together with Jenny.  I still loathe Claudia.  The quiz show antics continued.  This time the hostess, Petra, accepted Ingo, too.  Annette and Ingo didn't do too badly.

Nanna put the VL clips up on Ichglotzgerman.  Apparently Rebecca thought she was pregnant, from a nearly anonymous trick in Barcelona.  She said she had no idea where he lived or what his phone number was, and didn't know what she'd do.  It's not like plenty of von Lahnsteins haven't had illegimate children.  I think Constantin was Francesca's son, though he wasn't related to Johannes by blood.  Johannes apparently had several illegitimate children.  Ansgar turned out to be illegitimate.  I'm pretty sure there were others -- Sebastian is Christina's father, for instance.

Christian and Olli immediately surrounded Rebecca to comfort her.  It was still the day after their wedding.  Olli said if she was pregnant, he and Christian could be fathers to the child.  Christian looked a little surprised.  I'd like to think he looked dubious.  Olli was loving the idea of them being a "Patchwork-family."  I couldn't believe the writers were doing this to them immediately after their marriage.  No honeymoon time at all.

The guys went to the doctor with Rebecca, and sat on either side of her, holding her hands.  I felt that the whole scene was so wrong.  They certainly shouldn't have been separated by Rebecca, and should have been holding each other's hands.  Rebecca didn't even need to be in the wedding, let alone taking up their time with her issue the day after.  They just shoehorn her into every plot involving Christian and Olli, and I hate that they do that.

I don't know why they'd be friends with a klepto who nearly let Christian go back to jail because he was blamed for her theft.  They have absolutely no reason to be friends with her even aside from that.  There's nothing there that could be a motivation.

Also, I'm really opposed to the idea that the guys would want to be fathers the day after they got married.  I could see it a couple years down the road, as Olli was established as happily being a babysitter nearly the day he came back to town.  He'd be a good parent.  Christian and Olli both work full-time though, Olli putting tons of hours into running No Limits.  They should just have time to enjoy being married for a while.