September 7th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Chrolli marathon part two

Chrolli wedding reception day.  Watched marathon of episodes up into June 2010.  Tired, up in the wheelchair for a long time, but it was fun.  We're going to have regular Saturday evenings of meeting to discuss the week's episodes.

Paul Neyron rose 2


Off to the primary care doctor.  She was okay with where I was with things.  The rural paratransit will go there, and that worked fine.  I thought I had a 1:15 p.m. pick up for a 2:00 appointment.  I went out at 12:50.  I called at 1:25 to make sure I'd scheduled the ride, and was told my pick up time was 1:30, which I wished I'd remembered.  I need to write it down next time.  The van got there at 1:35, I was loaded in, and we got to the doctor's by 1:55.  They picked me up promptly afterwards.  That's working well.

I tried to call SEPTA to schedule a ride for a location where the first paratransit doesn't go, and could not get an actual person.  The computer voice wasn't understanding me, and there was no way to leave a voice mail message -- or at least that wasn't offered as an option.  The computer was asking me which of my favorite five destinations I wanted to go to.  I don't have five favorites.  This is the first time I'm trying to use it.  I have no favorites programmed in.  I have an appointment to meet somebody about disability paperwork.  I sent an e-mail to the "contact me" address on the SEPTA website, but I doubt someone would see it soon enough for me to get the actual ride.

I called E.M. from the bookstore, and told her that if she could drop me off at my appointment -- a few streets up from the secondhand bookstore -- I could spend a couple of hours in the bookstore afterwards.  She doesn't live very far from me, so I'm kind of on her way.  She was fine with the idea, so I have a backup if SEPTA falls through.  I'm pretty sure SEPTA will fall through.

In better news -- soap operas!  The EKP ladies are taking a vacation, which I'm sure they terribly needed.  They said that Roman and Deniz would have smaller parts now that their big storyline was over, but their appearances are not that reduced as far as I noticed.  They weren't on Friday, but they were on Monday and Tuesday.  Deniz was doing a Male Function photoshoot, and ran into the model who liked to bareback, who was flirting with a new male model.  Katja was heading to Halle for two weeks, to try out for the skating team there.  Perhaps it was something to let the actress' leg heal up, for she said that she'd hurt her leg in real life.  There's torn cartilage in her knee, and she can't put much weight on it.  That explained why Katja's been going around on crutches.

I had a thought, and checked The Gays of Daytime message board, the Roman and Deniz part.  People are doing transcripts of Deniz and Roman's lines.  Deniz is quitting as a model.  I don't know what other lucrative sort of job he could get as a high school dropout.  Plus, the camera loves him.  Annette desperately wanted to get on a quiz show.  The quiz show hostess, Petra, came over, and was apparently asking questions to see how well Annette and Ingo knew each other.  Petra was hating Ingo's lame jokes.  Obviously, she has some taste.  You could just see her putting [MASSIVE UNFUNNY FAIL] subtitles under Ingo's jokes.

Roman came into the flat, and Petra recognized him.  Apparently she's a big Roman Wild fan -- aren't we all? -- from his iceskating days.  He's a fan of hers, too.  At the end, Petra didn't want Ingo, but wanted Annette to go on the show with Roman, her sometimes best friend.  I'm sure Roman is well-versed indeed on what Annette's favorite things are, and vice versa.  Also, it would be wonderfully funny.  So the guys still are having plenty of plot, as far as I can tell.  I appreciate the lovely people on TGODT(?) doing the transcripts.  I'll have to keep checking there.

Most of today's episode of Verbotene Liebe was about the von Lahnstein holdings.  It might be more interesting if I understood what was going on, but somehow I doubt it.  Tristan is free.  Sebastian and Rebecca were shocked to see him back at Konigsbrunn.  The first suite Tristan went to upon getting to the Schloss was Helena's, but she'd just moved in with Andi, Constantin, and the guys.  It's a pretty full apartment again with five people.

There was a little bit with Christian and Olli, as Olli swept Christian up into his arms, and carried him over the threshhold, without seeming to have much difficulty.  I was again impressed by Jo's strength, at being able to lift more than his own weight.  Thore is perhaps relatively thin as compared to where he was during Christian's days as a boxer, but he's no lightweight.  He's 6'2" tall, with broad shoulders and a deep chest.  As Olli carried him towards the hallway where the bedrooms are, Christian said, "This is how I'd imagined it would be."  Olli was agreeing when Christian's head hit the doorframe leading into that hall, and his long legs hit the top of the bookshelves, and sent some knick-knacks crashing down.  Olli put Christian down, and they headed for their bedroom.  We didn't get to see a wedding night, but we saw it being eagerly anticipated.

Helena fixed a wedding breakfast and left it for the guys, and they enjoyed that, Olli sitting on Christian's lap for part of it and them feeding each other.  She, Andi, and Constantin slept in another apartment to give the newly married couple their privacy.  Helena went to run No Limits for them for the day, and had several cases of muffins delivered.  There were tiers of muffins covering the bar, and on every table.  Andi finally remembered the sign on the door, that No Limits was closed for the morning due to a wedding, just as Christian and Olli came downstairs.  Constantin came down, and had a "How cool is that?" rapture over the muffins.  Christian had had a big breakfast, but apparently always has room for a muffin.  Tomorrow's episode has them, too, judging from the vorschau.