August 10th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

sort of busy Tuesday

Home health aide, J., came early, around 9:00 a.m.  I think she does a very nice job.  I had a doctor's appointment at 11:00 a.m.  The doctor seemed good with how I was doing.  I told her that the orthopedic surgeon was pleased with his work, and with how my ankle was healing.  She said my potassium and calcium had been low in the hospital, so she ordered some tests.  We went downstairs to the lab, and they took me very quickly.  I guess I'll hear about it soon.

We had lunch when we got home, then I started catching up on Alles Was Zahlt, with a break to watch today's episode of Verbotene Liebe.  The part in AWZ with Oliver oiling Marian's nipples made more sense when seen in the context of the show, where it became clear that Oliver was thinking of Celine.  Not that it isn't disturbing that he's crushing on Celine just in general, never mind that she's his pregnant patient.  That episode had an incredible amount of slashiness between Marian and Oliver, even outside of that oiling scene.  I'm sure if I had understand more of what Marian and Oliver were saying, it wouldn't have seemed quite so much like they were a romantic couple.

The visiting nurse said she'd come between 2:00 and 3:00, and got there at 3:30.  Fortunately, I didn't have anywhere else to go that day.  I think she's very knowledgeable, though.  Her talks are very educational regarding eating better and overall health.

I have a couple more full episodes of AWZ to catch up on, but Vanessa was back today.  She looks much the same.  She said she'd be in town for three weeks.  We'll see what all she stirs up while home.  It would be highly ironic if she asked if Deniz was still doing coke and screwing models.  He had reformed so much for a while.

Deniz got dizzy when carrying a crate of bottles, fell, and cut his hand.  Marian tried to take a look, and Deniz yanked his hand away.  Roman bandaged Deniz up.  Deniz was asking Roman, "What if I die?"  Roman said that everyone did eventually, but gave Deniz a hug.  The hug went from comforting to having crackling sexual possibility, and that's where the scene ended.  I don't think it will go much further than possibility, but you never know.  Ever since DeRo 1.0, Deniz and Roman have had their moments of sizzling lust while they've been broken up, and they've only been broken up for a short time this time.

EKP had all of the hockey calendar modeling scenes.  I'll be glad to watch some of that again.  I'll post more about the full episodes when I'm caught up with them.  I think there's quite a lot of Celine in the next few.  The end of the last episode I saw had Richard proposing to Celine by writing the words on golf balls -- writing on golf balls is one of their things, though I'm not proud I know that.  There was a lot of Steinkamp intrigue going on generally, with Ben hating Max.  The circumstances might be different, but I don't think them hating each other is anything new.

Verbotene Liebe had Christian and Olli going over their wedding guest list in Schneider's.  Charlie asked Olli if he was inviting Henriette.  Olli hated the idea.  Christian was intrigued, saying that Olli never talked about his mother.  Olli explained about Henriette, and why she was on the blacklist for the wedding.  Christian said, "We have a blacklist?"

(Added: Olli said, "We do now.")

  At some point, I believe Christian said he'd like to see who Olli got those pretty (Correction: "shining") eyes from.  I think that Olli said that when he came out, his mother said that he wasn't normal.  (Correction: That he should get therapy, because that wasn't normal.)  Christian suggested that maybe Henriette had become more tolerant of gays over the years.  Olli said, "No way."   Christian talked it over with Charlie.  I think Charlie was also pretty skeptical about Henriette becoming more tolerant.  (She was.)

Early in the conversation, Christian had said he couldn't imagine if that HIV test had been positive.  Olli asked, "And what if only one of us had been HIV+?"

Christian replied, "Then we'd still be sitting here, planning our wedding.  'In good times, in bad times...'"  Christian has said some beautiful, poetic things these last few weeks. 

Later, when Christian and Olli talked again, Christian said he wanted for his mother to be alive, even if they fought.  ("Olli, it would make me so happy if my mother were still alive and I wouldn't mind fighting with her," Christian said.  I almost cried.)  Olli said that there was no way his mother would come to a wedding between men.  (Added: Olli said he couldn't give his mother a daughter-in-law or grandchildren.)   Olli finally had a change of heart after that talk, though, and sent an invitation  to Henriette.  I am just giving my take on it as far as I could figure it out.  Nanna said that she and Paul both had real-life things going on, and the subtitles would be up tomorrow.  The next episode of Verbotene Liebe is on Thursday.

I'm not sure why they're skipping days this week.  I don't think it's a German holiday, as Alles Was Zahlt was on yesterday.  Maybe it's just a Das Erste thing, sports or something.  I don't think Christian and Olli are in the next episode, but I'm sure they'll be back to wedding plans soon.  It will be good to know what they really said today.  It will be a test of my soap opera German.  Added: I didn't actually do that badly.  I didn't get exactly what they said, but I had some idea.  Thore has such an expressive face, I think I pick up a lot just from that.  Of course, Jo has those very expressive eyes.  They really get across how the characters feel.