August 8th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

another quiet day so far

Right after midnight or so, I could hear Dad, who was upstairs, getting violently ill.  I think there's a central air vent in the ceiling of the family room that goes up to a floor vent in the master bedroom and bath area.  The ceiling one here is practically right over the recliner.  I fell alseep around two, but woke up a couple times hearing Dad.  I think it was pretty constant between midnight and four.  I woke at five to make a trip to the bathroom, then Mom came down at 7-something to make sure I got all my meds and to feed me breakfast.  She wasn't going to stop and help me with my bath, because when she helped me bathe last Sunday, it made her too late to go to church.  I fell back asleep, and slept until she came back.  Apparently Dad had been upstairs that whole time, but he didn't come downstairs until Mom came home.  I thought he had gone to church.

I had lunch, then took my bath.  One of the T-shirts I happened to have in the wash when I broke my ankle was a Weiss Kreuz yaoi one, "Yohji and Aya in the flowershop."  (  I've been wearing that pretty frequently.   Mom has been pairing it with bright pink shorts, and I don't think it goes with them, but nobody sees the clothes I'm wearing anyway.  I usually wear this T-shirt with jeans, but it's going to be a while before I wear jeans again.

Mom had been running back and forth between keeping an eye on me for my balance as I bathed and watching the start of the Phillies game.  When she went off to go swimming, Dad set the game to tape,  but stayed down watching it, as well.  I watched Alles Was Zahlt during the baseball game commercials.  Dad said it wasn't very nice to watch another show during the commercials.  It didn't even strike him as hypocritical, and he switches to random other shows during commercials of one show all the time.  It drives me crazy to see him sit and watch some minutes from the middle of another show.  If I watch a show, I want to see it from the beginning, without pieces missing because of watching something else at the same time.  It's a thing for me.

This was the AWZ episode where Deniz has his unprotected hookup.  Meanwhile, Simone and Richard were busy poisoning Axel.  Simone is really enjoying doing it, too.  They poisoned him enough so that he collapsed.  I'll have to watch last Tuesday's episode and see what happened with that.

Verbotene Liebe: I've been re-watching that little scene of Christian and Olli, and friends, dancing the tango.  I looked at the comments this time, and saw viewers commenting how funny it was that Olli and Christian both said, "Ich," when Nathalie asked them who would be leading.  Another viewer commented "bubble butt at .32."  That was actually just what I had been thinking at that moment, with the focus on Christian's rear.  Judging from the comments, Olli's gray pants are also apparently very popular with fans, as they're pretty close-fitting and show him off nicely.  Jo and his fans may hate the scarves Olli wears, but the fans love it when Olli wears tight pants.  He's been wearing those gray ones relatively frequently lately.  Nanna promises to subtitle this little clip, which is great, but I think I got the gist from their actions.

Added: I went up to the kitchen for dinner.  Dad started watching some random comedy/action movie on TV, and wouldn't turn it off.  I tried getting into the living room with the wheeled kitchen chair, but couldn't get up over the dividing bit onto the carpet.  I pulled my walker up the two stairs, braced the back of the kitchen chair against the refrigerator, and got up and hopped into the living room.  The wheelchair was facing the other way.  I pulled it around, set the brakes, and sat down.  I found the soup cans I'd been doing arm exercises with and did a set, then settled in at my computer to work on Shaz' book.  It's a pretty clean edit.  I paused for a bathroom break, then went back up, and back to editing.  I brought my earbuds up with me on my second trip into the living room.

I'm not very comfortable reaching up to the keyboard from the wheelchair.  I may need to sit on some pillows to get me a little higher.  I asked Mom for the tiny USB drive I had in the computer room upstairs.  I promptly lost the one Dad had put all of my e-books on, and have been looking for it for days.  I'm sure I'll lose this little one soon, too.  I put the "not read yet" file on the small USB drive.  It's 4G, and the other one is 1G.  I didn't stay up there to watch another Alles Was Zahlt episode, but came back down to prop my foot up.  I read through Shaz' book last night, and I'll go over it another time or two after tonight's edit.  Mom is watching the ball game now, so it's the second time I've seen it today.

Between Dad starting to watch random unfunny comedy things with me as a captive audience, to seeing a baseball game twice in one day, I'm rather cranky.  I'm trying to console myself with the thought that I'll watch more Alles Was Zahlt after Mom goes upstairs, and that I have lots to read.

Added further: I ended up going up to the living room again.  While I was up there, I saved the formatting check file from my computer, which isn't hooked up to a printer, to a USB drive, to the laptop, which is "hooked up" to Dad's printer, and printed out that file.  That's one more step to getting the edit done.  Dad got me a flag keychain to put on the 4G USB drive.  At least that will make it a little more easy to find when it falls off the tray table.  I got another round of exercises in, so I'll have that to tell the physical therapist.