August 7th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

low-key day today

I rather needed a low-key day, after how busy the week was with seeing doctors and nurses and other health professionals.  I had breakfast and took my meds, and fell back asleep pretty quickly, as I'd taken a painkiller.  I had a bath, and put in the no-rinse shampoo.  My balance is good enough now that I only still need to have someone there in case I get wobbly.  Otherwise, I'm now independent with that.  I got up into the kitchen in the afternoon and did a round of arm exercises.  I'm back to line editing.  I had been tempted to reply to the editor asking for proofers for Sharon Maria Bidwell's book, as it sounded really good, but I managed to not do that.  If I proof a book, I can't also line edit it.  When it came up in the group ready for line edits, I asked for it right away.  Her last one was a humorous paranormal featuring vampires.  This one was a contemporary, more serious in tone.  I really enjoy her writing.

I started catching up on last week's full episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  Tanja was really mean to Maria.  It's so much fun when one villain is evil to another.  The little clip on Friday on the Ichglotzgerman channel made much more sense when I saw that Nathalie had signed herself and Matthias up for tango lessons.  I paused my catch-up watching to go back up into the kitchen for dinner, and another round of exercises.  Matthias was not having fun tangoing.  I think he was trying to get out of it by saying they didn't have a babysitter for Christina.  Nathalie said she'd find an "ersatz" or "ersatz"-something, a substitute to tango with, and found Constantin, who turned out to be an excellent dancer.  I hope her tango lessons with Constantin don't lead to more than that.  Matthias has already had a wife cheat on him, and is raising a baby that isn't his.  He seems to be a very decent guy.

Nathalie started a little tango music at No Limits, and started dancing with Constantin.  Olli invited Christian to dance, and it seemed they were having some trouble deciding who would lead.  I think Olli ended up leading, which was interesting.  They ended up banging into the bar, but I was still fascinated by the little indication of the balance of power in the relationship.  The balance of power seems to shift with them, but Christian often enough listens to Olli, and does metaphorically follow his lead a good bit of the time.  Their strengths are complementary, and they support each other, but they both function well independently, except when Olli is given a storyline that makes him stupid.

Especially early on in the relationship, Olli put a lot of energy into caring for and nurturing Christian.  I've discussed with A. how their dynamic makes Olli seem fairly submissive sometimes, but we think that Christian knows that Olli only submits to him because he wants to, out of love.  I think that's a big turn-on for Christian.  I believe at some point I read an interview with Jo in which he said that for all that Christian seems dominant, Olli's really the one in charge, and Christian loves it that way.

Next episode looks like it will have some discussion of Olli's mother, with Olli and Charlie, and possibly Christian and Charlie, talking about her.  I don't know if Charlie still keeps in touch with Henriette.  Henriette disowned Olli when she came to town and he told her he was in a serious relationship with Tom, and wouldn't give Tom up.  When Olli said he loved Tom, Henriette couldn't believe it was a real kind of love.  She'd hoped he'd grown out of his bisexual "phase."  Ever since Olli told Tom that he really liked him, and that he'd dated women, but been with men, too, the show's been pretty consistent about Olli's sexuality.  Olli's certainly been consistent about being able to fall in love with men.