July 31st, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

so far Saturday

The visiting nurse, L., came today, and talked nutrition and blood sugar control for a couple of hours.  She made sure I was good with giving myself all the meds I'm currently taking.  L. rewrapped the Ace bandage that we'd loosened last night.  She seems to have done it well -- I can still feel all of my toes, but the bandages are on there quite securely.  She took my vital signs -- I was a little stressed that she'd invited Mom and Dad to listen in on everything, so my pulse and heartrate were high.  My pulse runs high anyway, but it was higher than usual.  L. took her time and went over a lot of information.  She gave me a folder full of educational materials.  I'm so sick of Dad voicing disapproval of my usual (admittedly bad) eating habits, then going ahead and eating all kinds of sweets and junk foods himself.  L. said we should say, "We should," rather than "you should,"  We'll see how that goes.  I felt like there was a lot I could learn from her expertise.  There's only so much information I can remember at once, but I can look over the papers that she gave me.

Added: We had Chinese food for dinner, and Dad pulled me up into the kitchen to eat.  That was a pleasant change from eating off a tray.  Hopefully, he'll be able to do that at dinnertime most nights.  I did some of my arm exercises and good leg exercises in a straight-backed chair with arms.  Whatever you try to do as far as exercises in the recliner, you sort of sink into the chair's poofiness.  I'm getting more of the physical therapy exercises done than I expected, but I do want to get my arms and left leg stronger.

P.called.  She said she'd had a nice visit with her  brother and mother Thursday and Friday, that she'd gotten to the flea markets and that C. had generally spoiled her.  I like him.  He has a good sense of humor, and seems to be a sweetie with his sister.  She went to other flea markets with her friend T. today.  I've been telling her that when C. comes up to visit her, they should come visit with me.  P. said that once my ankle was healed, we could practice driving again.  I told her that the doctor had said it would be at least three months.  She didn't think it would take that long.  "It will be in a cast for six weeks," I said.  "The muscles will shrink, and I'll need physical therapy to build them back up."  She said to keep moving it so it didn't get stiff.  I think when she actually sees how heavily wrapped the leg is now, and how it's splinted, she'll understand better.  Anyway, it was nice that she called.

Mom and Dad went swimming.  I've been re-watching those sweet recent clips from Verbotene Liebe.  Like Nanna was saying, it's great to see the guys just doing ordinary things, too.  It's also great to see them so loving with each other again.  That's what the fans like.  Sure, I'd be very happy for them to have their own well-written, regular, and relatively important plotlines.  I want to see them working together to solve problems, and interacting with various of the show's other characters in meaningful ways.  I don't want for them to forget the romance.  Even when they didn't really have storylines, they showed affection in their kisses and touches.  It's been over two years, and the love is still there.

Added: I'd been checking deepdarkmidnight's channel to see if last week's Christian and Olli kisses were up.  I finally noticed the announcement that he was having computer problems, and watched some older kisses.  I never get tired of Kiss #15, interrupted as they were.  It was sweet lovemaking.  The person who barged in on them, surprised as he was, saw that he'd walked in on some special moments for them.  It was clear that they really wanted each other, but it also must have been obvious that it wasn't a one-time thing.

Around 11:30 p.m., I saw that this past week's kisses were up.  Deepdarkmidnight added "wah-wah" music in addition to slow motion for their kisses in the meadow.  The effect was unfortunately porny.  It's no hardship to me to just rewatch the original episode, but it would have been really nice to have just the unadorned kisses.  They were perfect the way they were.  I like the earlier kisses on the channel, the ones without any special effects or changes from the music used on the show.  I haven't heard one yet in which the music has been changed for the better.  The kisses are wonderful as they are -- they don't need to be all tricked up.  Not that I don't appreciate what is obviously a labor of love.  I just have more appreciation for the clips that are just presented in a simple, clean way.