July 27th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

last night and today so far

Yesterday: Got home around 3:30 p.m., once the physical therapist checked me out to see how I was doing on the wheeled walker -- pretty well -- and how I'd do using a crutch to get up stairs -- not too well.  Fell asleep for a couple of hours after dinner, then conked out at 11 p.m. and slept until 7:00 a.m.  Mom was thrilled.  I think she was waiting by the phone to see if I'd call her on the cell phone, but I was deeply asleep.  Between a lot of walking on the walker two days after I'd gotten off of bed rest, and taking a sponge bath when I got home, I guess I was pretty tired.

Once I put a tray on my lap and get food, I have no problem eating.  My appetite is quite good.  So after breakfast and a sponge bath -- this one easier than yesterday's -- I'm settled for a while with the computer.  I have a doctor's appointment today, and the physical therapist is coming here to evaluate me and work with me.  It seems I'll be doing a lot of walking today, too.  Hopefully, I'll sleep well tonight.   
Paul Neyron rose 2

continuing Tuesday

Physical therapist came today a bit before one.  Mostly she just took my information.  Probably way TMI, but as in the hospital, a discussion of having bars to balance on in the bathroom -- not permanent, just something I can lean on.  Mom had said no because the equipment  could also be adapted to include a commode part, and she just wants me to walk to the bathroom, and keep it looking like a normal bathroom.  I worked as a nursing aide on and off for nine years, so the idea didn't bother me.  She didn't even want to think about it, plus figuring that the insurance might not cover it all.  I would be willing to pay quite a bit to feel safer in the bathroom.  She finally agreed that I could get the part that just had the bars to reach back for and balance on.  That was the part I wanted.

The other discussion was whether I could get or rent a wheelchair.  I liked the idea.  Mom refused because she couldn't lift it, and thus it would be completely pointless.  (Mom reasoning.)  We talked about getting one with little wheels.  I would still be able to move around with it.  It sounded like it was a lot lighter.

Today's trip to the doctor's office was difficult walking -- well, hopping.  What looks like standard operating procedure for a while is that Mom pulls the car out of the garage, and I walk out to the car.  I know how to get in and out of a car when you can only use one leg, so that wasn't a problem today.  She parked in handicapped parking, but the sidewalk there was pretty slanted to go up, and it was still some distance to hop to the door.  I had to stop and rest a few times.  When I got in the door, Mom expected me to walk to the elevators, but I sat down on a bench in the lobby and asked her if she could get a wheelchair.  She borrowed one from a nearby orthopedist's office.  Once I got in it, I worked really hard to show her that I could wheel myself, and maneuver with my good foot.  I backed into the elevator in it unassisted.

At the doctor's, the main idea was to get my blood sugar under control so the ankle wound had some chance of healing.  I hate getting bloodwork because I have small, bad veins.  The nurses started IV ports in five different places.  A couple times, the veins blew immediately, and a couple times I moved my arm or hand wrong, and it infiltrated.  The fifth one lasted until I was discharged.  I've got godawful bruises on the backs of my hands and on my arms.

The trip from the doctor's office out to the car was much easier.  I was still working as hard as I could to show Mom how well I could use a wheelchair. I had to stop and rest several times using the walker to get from the driveway and through the garage back into the house.  I was good from then on.  I caught up with a couple of soap opera clips while Mom read for a bit.  Then Mom and Dad watched the news, and then the ballgame,  I found that even with earbuds in, I could not watch TV on the computer while they were watching TV on the big TV in the room.  I will probably be crawling up the stairs and into the living room before the physical therapist comes back.

I asked Dad if he could use one of my USB drives to save the e-books that were in my "not read yet" folder.  He said he couldn't find the "not read yet" folder, so he saved the e-book folder.  All of my e-books.  I couldn't believe they all fit onto a 1G drive.  He said it was five hundred seventy-something something-bytes.  Apparently he thought that was a lot.  "That's thousands of books," I said.  Actually, a combination of novels, novellas, and short stories, but I was using poetic license.

"Well, you can delete the folders you didn't want," he said.

"No, having a backup is good."

"I moved the e-book folder to "public documents" so they can be read from any computer in the network," he said.

I guess that's helpful, too, but I was also slightly cranky about that idea.  "I don't think anyone else will be reading gay erotica," I said.

"..."  It's pretty rare to silence Dad, but I managed.  He sort-of rallied with, "I knew that was what you edited..."  Somehow he hadn't thought that I read it, too, apparently.  I don't know about Dad.  There's very, very little that's purely erotica.  I said that for the effect.  Mostly it's erotic romance, with even a few sweet romances in there.  I had recommended a couple of Sarah Black's novels and novellas to Mom, actually, the ones with straight couples.  Mom doesn't like the idea of sitting at a computer to read.  Eventually we'll get something more portable, and she'll probably try that.  I can get the paperbacks of those meanwhile.  Of course I have all the Partners in Crime books in paperback.

So, long day, but I'm not ill-prepared for being immobile.  I was fairly sedentary to start with.  The ladies at the bookstore and the garden club ladies promise to come visit.  E.M., the manager at the secondhand bookstore, said she could arrange for me to get rides to the bookstore a couple of times a week, and that I could just sit and work with my leg propped up.  I'll probably take her up on it relatively soon.  It's kind of her to get me out of the house, but I do work hard when I'm there to get the romance shelves and the boxes in the back room in good order.