July 6th, 2010

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Kris' post and my ramblings

I hadn't checked my e-mail or the usual blogs I check before we headed out.  Kris (http://krisngoodbooks.blogspot.com/) had an interesting entry about m/m romance readers and "girl cooties."  It's some of the women readers who are loudest in complaining when a woman gets added into the mix.  I said I didn't like it if I wasn't expecting it.  As I told S., if there's a male couple who are developing or have developed a strong relationship, there's no reason to throw in a woman.  "It's not necessary," I said.

"Not necessary?"  He was perhaps a little surprised I had such a strong opinion on it, but he didn't argue.  It's not like he'd feel that throwing a woman into a relationship he'd have would be anything he'd want.  He's very sweet in his love for his little sister, and has several close female friends, but it doesn't strike me that he'd even think of having sex with any of the young women he's friends with.

Added: The comments on Kris' blog are getting better and better.  The original thing that got Kris going was women complaining that a m/m romance had lesbian supporting characters.  I can understand that some women don't want to read f/f sex scenes, because it's just not their thing.  I've seen women accuse other women of homophobia because they don't want to read m/m romance.  I think my response to that was, "That's fucking ridiculous."  If someone knows she just likes straight romance, and the gay variety doesn't work for her, that's fine.

But gay romance fans having issues with reading a book with lesbian secondary characters?  It's clear in the blurb that they're the one hero's friends.  If the readers see that, get the book, then complain about the lesbians, it's a WTF? for me.  Seriously, I think that that's homophobia.  I've had my share of issues with lesbians, although they were very different sorts of issues than that.  But what sounds like being icked out, from people who say they're "oh so gay-friendly"?  There's a big disconnect there.  This is a science-fiction book, but if you know real-life history, there have been times when lesbians and gay men were allies -- to various extents now, and in a large number of organizations.  A lot of lesbians did much to help during the AIDS crisis.  There's more common ground than some might think.

I got used to editing menages, and now I read them from other publishers, too, but I want to know that that's what I'm getting.  I still read straight romances -- I don't especially get why some women are like, "I only read m/m romances now."  I guess I get that in a way there's more of a sense of equality, especially with a romance; and freedom of agency.  I like stories with strong women characters, though, if they're not obnoxious.  Some authors write straight romances with strong but likeable heroines.  I've read my share of lesbian romances, too.  I'm not that into the politics and all the discussion and analysis of emotions, but the sex scenes can be hot.
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soap operas on Monday

(*spoilers*)  Alles was zahlt: Deniz is breaking me.  Roman is still feeling pretty bad, or kinda bad, but Deniz is going through mourning for a dead relationship.

Verbotene Liebe: Christian is being proved completely right, which I hope Olli realizes to the very fullest degree.  Christian is ready to be aggressive to Rob right back, but that would just lead to trouble for Christian.  It is true to Christian's character that he would fight to protect his loved ones.  Rebecca saved the day at No Limits, but is now getting herself in trouble.  If she gets held as a hostage or something, I hope Olli and Christian are smart enough to call in the von Lahnsteins.  They would have a much better idea what to do than Olli or Christian would.

In other news, Helena found out that Tristan and Jessica lied about everything they accused Andi of doing.  Helena did not take it well.

A couple that I think are Matthias and Natalie returned to town.  I believe that David, Lydia and Fabian are Matthias' children.  His wife Katja slept with Sebastian von Lahnstein while Sebastian was dating Lydia, and got pregnant.  If I have it right, Sebastian's wife Lydia is the half-sister of Sebastian's daughter.  I'm trying to figure out exactly how incestuous that is.  It's at least kind of icky.  Matthias is raising Sebastian's daughter.  I think Lydia and Ansgar von Lahnstein have a thing going now, so Lydia may be involved with the husband of a serial killer.  (Lydia!)  I thought Ansgar and Sebastian might be half-brothers, but apparently they're cousins.  Natalie is Ansgar's ex-wife.  Wikipedia's "Lahnstein family" entry really was pretty helpful.  I could not explain this again if I tried.

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Ladies' Choice

The AfterElton Ladies' Choice poll of hot gay and bi men is going on now. (http://www.afterelton.com/people/2010/07/ladies-choice-voting)  I know so few of the people in theater, except for AfterElton pictures of them.  I said I mostly just watch German soap operas, and named Dennis G. as my top choice.  I also included Scott Evans and John Barrowman.  I've never seen Torchwood, just a couple of YouTube clips of John Barrowman, but he is cute.  I suppose I can add more guys to my poll as I see more pictures.  I appreciated your suggestions, Kris, but felt it would be strange to be voting for people I had to look up pictures of.

Added: Kris, if you participate and should comment about Dennis G., please put up the "We love Kris" pictures.  I could not figure out how to put them into my comments.  You can identify me as Emilie.  If I had gotten those pictures in, I would have said something about what a good sport he was.

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Tuesday's soap operas

Alles was zahlt (*spoilers*): Deniz is still breaking me.  Roman is still feeling kind of bad, but really not bad enough.  Is anyone ever going to ask whether the locker rooms are ever used for their actual purpose?  Deniz walking in on Roman and Marc was just a bad, bad moment.  It kind of compares to Deniz getting a blow job from a random cameraman when he thought Roman had torn up his love letter without caring.  Deniz cheated on Roman with Vanessa, cheated on Vanessa with other women and with Roman, worked as a rentboy -- I just don't think he can get on too much of a moral high ground generally, except that he was faithful this time around.  Deniz seems to have the attitude that if Roman had just talked to him about it in the first place, it wouldn't have been so bad.  I think that's quite a reasonable attitude.

On the other hand, Verbotene Liebe had so many satisfying moments today.  (*spoilers*)  Olli punching Rob and knocking him down was one highlight, even if it was to rescue Rebecca.  Christian being quite ready to fight Rob was another.  Did no-one ever mention to Rob that Christian is a former boxer?  He knows Christian does hard physical labor.  How I would have loved to see Christian beat up Rob.  Seeing Olli taking Rob on in a physical conflict was pretty satisfying in its own way.  Olli is very fit himself -- well, Jo is.  There is no extra body fat on the man, and he is toned.  Christian's sheer joy at seeing Rob taken away in handcuffs and put in the back of the police car was wonderful to see.  Olli saying he really needed to make amends to Christian and asking why he hadn't believed Christian in the first place was yet another highlight.  I think Christian forgave Olli a little too easily for all that, but I'd like to see Olli making some of those amends Christian so richly deserves.