June 1st, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

soap opera emotional wringers

Yes, they did it to me again.  *a lot of spoilers*  I saw Verbotene Liebe first, and that one put me through the emotional wringer, but ended up in a good way.  When Christian and Olli came together in that hug, I almost cried.  They remembered all they'd been through together, and didn't want to end the very special relationship they have.  I wish they'd shown them having the make-up sex, but at least Olli said that Christian couldn't get enough, while barely able to stand up.  That implied much.  (Added: other people who wrote about it were also gleeful about the way Olli staggered out of the bedroom area only to cling onto a post for support.)  I was surprised by the commenters who were so worried about Rob and Olli going to New York City together.  Christian goes with Olli.  I guess comments of that nature were removed, as they'd be spoilers.  There will still be things Christian and Olli will need to work through, but they decided that their love was worth it.

Alles Was Zahlt put me through the wringer, too.  It brought a lot up for me about patterns of abuse, and how parents can make it seem like they're perfectly upright members of the community while they abuse their children.  I agree with what the Eskimo Kiss ladies said about how wrong it was that Roman said that his father slapped him like he was a child.  I knew what Roman meant, but he didn't even stop to process how bad it was that he just assumes that children will get hit if they disagree with a parent.  It doesn't happen in all families.  It reminded me what guilt the grown child who manages to leave the house has about a sibling who's left there.  Or, at least, any decent person would feel that kind of guilt.

It was a rough day for me with the shows.  I was happy about Christian and Olli, and finally getting some hope that they've talked about things, and how much they love each other.

Well, I did other things today.  I got out to the bookstore and got the romances in order, and put away some donated paperbacks.  One of the ladies there is coming to the garden club Thursday.  I hope I have some roses left by then, to do my presentation about Old Garden Roses.  I picked some on Sunday for the house, and some today to bring in to the bookstore.  I got out a good bit to enjoy the roses while they were blooming.  Most are done for the year, but some should repeat.