May 13th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

getting towards the last of the plant sales

Set my alarm early, but I fell asleep at four-something, and couldn't get up four hours later.  I turned the alarm off when it started ringing.  Then I woke at ten-thirty, when the herb sale starts at ten.  I figured I'd go see what was left.  Several of the long tables that go in a curve across one side of the field were completely empty, with little groups of plants left in various spots on a few of the tables.  I looked at the other square of tables first, where the scented geraniums and ornamental sages are.  They had quite a lot of scented geraniums left -- I was surprised.

I got a lemon (crispum) one -- that was high on my list.  I got a Rober's lemon-rose, a nutmeg, I think a ginger (the tag got lost somewhere between that table and home), and a rose one with a nice light scent -- it's definitely not "graveolens."  They had pineapple sage left on the other side of those tables, and I got two.  This time I'll have to plant them by a path so we can enjoy them.  Last year I planted them in rather out of the way places.

I went over to see what was left on the herb tables.  They had some basil left, but I'd just gotten basil, which the slugs are quickly eating.  I need to plant it somewhere warm and dry.  I got a couple of calendula and a couple of purple heliotrope.  Then I got to the "L" section.  The volunteer lady said, "We've got a lemon balm, a lemon verbena, and a couple of lovage."  I really liked having lovage, though I think it got swallowed by the weeds in the herb garden.  But the leaves are really good with bagels and cream cheese.  So I got one of those. 

I moved along, past the mints -- the empty flat I'd brought with me was getting quite full.  I saw the lady I'd taken a couple of herb gardening classes with, A.B.,  and said hello.  A. said she'd just finished teaching a class.  I told her I'd enjoyed the classes quite a lot.  She said she'd been teaching them for twenty years.  I talked to her about rosemary, which was the section where she was.  I ended up getting a prostrate one, 'Mrs. Howard's Creeping' rosemary.  I'll see if I can get it to spill over the side of one of the big pots.  As I moved along, a volunteer said to a couple of us late shoppers, "Do you have some thyme?"  I took a look.  "There are all kinds.  I see you like the flowering plants."  Two or three of the geraniums I'd gotten were in flower.

"No, I like all kinds of herbs."

"There's some English thyme left.  Those are the culinary ones, and down here are the ornamental ones."  I rubbed the leaves of the caraway thyme, but I couldn't figure out what you'd cook with it.  My tray was really full already, so I ended up not taking the thyme.

I had tried to resist looking at the roses, I really had.  I figured I'd go see what was left over there.  Among the variety, they still had a few plants of the old Hybrid Perpetual 'General Jacqueminot' and the Damask 'Celsiana'.  I haven't had much luck with 'Celsiana'.  One got planted very late, and another got planted on an anthill, so it wasn't exactly the fault of the plants.  R.F., the rose lady, assured me that it really was very hardy, and that she had one in a shady area on a shale hill, and it did well.  I broke down and got it.

I checked out, and found that I actually had stayed within my budget, despite my acquisitiveness regarding the scented-leaf geraniums.   Well, I got ones with nice scents, and a nice variety.  I'll put them in medium-sized pots and see how they do.  I watered all my new little plants when I got home.  Some were very dry from being out in the sun.  It had rained yesterday, so my other herbs didn't really need watering.  Something is eating the dill, which is in a pot at least two feet high.  I'll have to spray it with Deer-Off.

I think I've gotten just about everything that was on my lists, fragrant, culinary, ones you can make tea with...The only thing I didn't get was lemon grass, and I didn't really do anything with that last year.  But I've managed to make quite the collection of herbs and flowering plants, with the occasional shrub thrown in.  Now it's time to plant them all. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

very odd to me

Jules Jones had an entry in which she said she'd wondered how much Real Person Slash (I'm pretty sure that's what RPS is short for) had been written about Great Britain's new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.  A couple of the commenters knew some was out there, but claimed not to have read it.  I felt fairly boggled at the thought.  I know people write about everything, but it wouldn't have crossed my mind that people would want to make up relationships between real-life political figures, except if they were doing some sort of parody.

When I eventually read some fan fiction this past year, I was fascinated in a way, but I stuck to reading stories about fictional characters.  I drew that much of a line, that I didn't want to read about real people in fan fictions.  I can see that on a TV show, when there are male protagonists who have a slashable vibe, the pairing would seem natural enough.  Especially before there were any TV shows except "Soap" that had gay characters, and the men were really good buddies, it seems logical to me.

I suppose I'm kind of picky about the terminology, too.  I ask whether it would technically be called "slash" if the characters are gay in canon.  I think of slash as purely pairing up obstensibly heterosexual characters.  I've seen some quite delicately drawn explanations of how a character has previously hidden being gay, or hadn't mentioned the man-loving side of his bisexuality.  Of course there are plenty of crude and goofy rationales as well, and stories that make no attempt to rationalize it, but some are are quite good, shading in backstory and dovetailing it with the character's personality.

If it's well-done, I don't object to reading more about characters I like, but fan fiction relationships written about real people are just not my thing.

Paul Neyron rose 2

anything else in the garden?

I know, I said I needed to plant everything I've gotten so far this spring, and that's true.  There are a couple more things on my lists of plants I've enjoyed.  [Large independent garden center] had a nice variety of good-sized fuchsias, $25 for a hanging basket.  I managed to contain myself at the time.  I don't like the red-and-purple ones, but I like the pink and white, and the red and white.  I may look in the Plant Delights catalog for smaller and less expensive ones.  Lemon grass is the other thing I'll pick up somewhere sooner or later.  Old Garden Roses I don't have yet, or killed off and want to try again, are always on my list.  It doesn't smell good, but I like lantana.  It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  I like the classic orange and yellow, though the pink would probably attract the pollinators too.  I have four o'clock seed, so I'll plant that.  It didn't open until ten or eleven o'clock this past summer, and while I'm awake at that hour, I'm not out in the backyard.

Paul Neyron rose 2

still considering fandom sorts of things

I went back to a site I'd bookmarked a while ago, Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! (  The first time I found it, there were stories I couldn't bring myself to read.  The same went for this time.  There are several people I want to send this to, although some would not appreciate it.  I can think of a number of editors who would.

I don't think I'm a good fandom sort of person.  I don't know how to do videos, and don't really want to learn that much technologically-related information, or actually try to do editing of videos with music.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get the camera in my phone to focus.  I don't write fan fiction.  I didn't want to do it before I met the actors, and I really don't want to do it now that I have.  I've tried writing a few paragraphs here and there of fiction.  I load up with adjectives, and the love scenes are a bad mix of romance novels and erotica.  Seriously awkward.  Strangely enough, I have less and less problem pointing out issues in other people's work.  I still feel like I could do wonderful jobs of rewriting stories.

The thing that got me into reading fan fiction in the first place was P.L. Nunn's website (  Her own fiction has a lot of non-consensual sex between characters and loads of brutality and torture in general.  However, she also has links to other sites with stories that are much more in my preferred light and fluffy mode.  I totally got into Weiss Kreuz, enough to get the DVDs of the original show in all its wackiness and poor animation.  I have T-shirts of a couple of Pam's drawings of gentle slashy moments between the characters.  I thought about wearing them at the GOOL event just to switch things up.  I really liked Jet Mykles' story and a half (I don't think the second one will ever be finished) about the Weiss Kreuz characters, too.  So the thought of writing about characters portrayed by real people kind of icks me out in the first place.

So I'm not really participating in the German soap operas fandoms except here on my own LJ, and commenting on Nose in a Book, and being pen pals with a couple of people.  Oh, and meeting the actors.  They know I'm a fan.  Other than that, I am totally not doing what a fandom person should, to my understanding of it.