May 10th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

ventured out for a bit

I called E.M. to see if she was having a Monday night work night at the bookstore.  She said maybe next Monday.  Since I don't see the students on Mondays now (and really miss them), I'll have a lot more time to put in at the bookstore.  I just called H. to say hi.  She's good.  She'll be working at a sex shop over the summer, as she has the last couple of summers, then off to Norway in the fall for a semester abroad.  I told her I'd have to come visit her at the store, and bring some of the students who live local to here.  She loved the idea.  I want to see some of the things I've only heard described in books.  A few weeks ago, right after the drag show, she was explaining to some of the kids about the difference between a whip or single-tail, a crop, and a flogger.  Talking to H. is so educational.

I went to the bank to see what the story was with the money I was expecting.  I checked at the MAC machine, then went in to talk to one of the bank folks.  I told my story, he looked on his computer, and said to look for the money mid-week.  I think I have a few days yet until my credit card bill is due, but I don't want to cut it too close.  I stopped at the Dollar Store at Mom's request, to pick up a few things for her, then went to the liquor store.  I figured I might as well use the last of my cash to drown my sorrows (kidding!).  I got a little fourpack of Kahlua Mudslides.  I really liked the T.G.I. Friday's version with the rum, and thought I'd try the original, since I really like Kahlua.  It occurred to me that drinking Kahlua and cream last night might be the reason I didn't get to sleep until 6:30 this morning.  I got a bottle of Chenin Blanc, and had a glass of that.  I figure that that shouldn't keep me awake.  I'm really not a big drinker -- I've just been drinking Kahlua and cream lately.  I put in enough Kahlua to flavor the cream, which is apparently enough caffeine that I won't sleep.  I'll have to start drinking earlier in the day -- at least if I'm drinking coffee liqueur.  Maybe I'll just stick with the sweet white wine for a while.  Mom likes company when she drinks her sherry, though I usually just drink decaf tea when she has her sherry.  Added: Mom is already "helping" me with the Chenin Blanc.  It will probably only be in the refrigerator for a few weeks if she's going to be drinking it, too.

I got out a little bit to look at my roses and herbs, but it was rather cold out today, so I didn't stay out very long.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt: I've only watched the EKP clips.  *spoilers*  It started out pretty promising.  I'm still trying to work out why I was completely icked out by seeing the suggestion of Celine giving Richard a blow job, and thought that Deniz doing the same to Roman was just fine.  There's really no reason on general principles for me to be icked out by straight sex, but I guess a lot has to do with the participants.  I didn't much like the ending of the clip.  Things are heading in a direction I really don't want them to go.  Roman doesn't even seem sincere lately about saying he loves Deniz.  All Roman's focus is on Marc.  He doesn't even seem to be thinking much about Deniz.  Going by the way Roman felt when he got swept up into some of Jenny's evil schemes, and when he was using steroids, he'll have a very guilty conscience -- and he should.

Verbotene Liebe didn't have Olli or Christian today.  There was more of Joan Collins, so I understood considerably more that usual of what was going on.  I'm used to reading subtitles on the show, and it was actually pretty disconcerting to have the subtitles in German.  Before, I always read the subtitles and listened for the German words I knew.  Trying to do the reverse feels pretty weird to me at this point.  I fast-forwarded through some of the von Lahnstein family scheming and general discussion amongst themselves.  Lydia and Nico seem to have bonded, and that's nice.  Judging by the teaser, Christian and Olli will be in tomorrow's episode.

I watched the old episodes last night when Tom and Olli were dating and Olli's mother came to town.  I've sort of reached a wall in how much I can understand of it, and need to get a German speaker to translate for me.  I have the gist of what they're saying, but I want to know exactly.  The video quality isn't that great, but I love seeing the wide-eyed young Olli, especially when he looks up through those long eyelashes of his.  I know he cheats on Tom, and I know the relationship eventually ends, but I also know that Olli comes back to town having much more experience with men, and ready to have fun with one-night stands, or start a new relationship.  According to the tenth anniversary episode of the show, Tom and Ulli eventually get back together as well, so they have a happy ending.