May 9th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

Got a couple of things at the grocery store, including heavy cream.  I seem to be keeping a pretty regular supply of it on hand, between drinking Kahlua and cream and using it on cereal and with berries.  Dad was planting the pink and white impatiens he'd gotten in the front yard where the big chokecherry tree was.  He was talking about planting the spicebush in place of an azalea that had been pretty well crushed on one side by that overgrown arborvitae.  I told him to check the tag for how tall it was supposed to grow before he put it right in front of the house.   He said ten or twelve feet.  I just checked online, and one source says three meters, which I'm sure is well over ten feet.

I went over to look at 'Mme. Zoetmans'.  I saw the couple of blooms which were half-open, then started pruning out deadwood.  I found a mostly-open flower on the north side of the bush, near the magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana).  I cut that, and put it in a little container of water I'd brought out with me.  I looked for other fragrant or currently flowering things to put in with it, but I didn't want the scents of the cooking herbs clashing with the Damask rose scent.  I picked a stem of spearmint, and a stem of bee balm, then took a small branch of sweet briar (the sweet briar leaves are said to have a green apple fragrance).  I took some of the leftover bits of oasis I'd gotten for those May baskets, and put them in a little aluminum pie plate.  Then I stuck in the flower and the fragrant leaves.  So you have the Damask rose fragrance from a little distance, and then mint and apple scents if you rub the leaves that are also in there.

The purple iris is still blooming, and the blue flag iris has a couple of open flowers.  It really loves it there where the pipe from the gutter drains off.  I try to water it whenever I can, too.  It's a wetland plant, so I put it there with that in mind.  The cardinal flower is over there, too.  It doesn't bloom every year, and sometimes Dad takes it out with the lawnmower, but it's pretty when it does flower.

The miniature rose inside looks like it's getting chlorotic.  Some of the leaves are going very pale green.  I'll put it outside soon.  I found the label for it the other day when I turned it around, and it says it's a "Patiohit" rose.  Considering its size, that makes more sense.  Patio roses are roughly midway in size between miniature roses and floribunda roses.  It will be fine in a pot, but it will be a bigger pot than I'd put a miniature rose in.

It was cold today, so I didn't spend that long outside, but if it's warmer tomorrow, I'll spend some time outside. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

first part of sixth session up

Husky14620 ( continues to put up parts from the Saturday discussion sessions at the Gays of Our Lives event.  He's doing the first two sections at a time of each panel, and now he's on the sixth session.  Scott Evans had some good things to say.  During the sessions, Hal Sparks compared having gay characters to having women characters several times, and at length.  I didn't think it was that great a comparison.  You have people saying they "don't believe in homosexuality."  It's true that some people say that -- I've heard it.  You don't hear people say they don't believe in women, not in the same "I disapprove/It doesn't exist" sort of sense.  When people refuse to believe in something, it really cuts the conversation off.  If you say you're queer yourself, they may put you down as a sinner, or voice their thought that you're just saying it to be contrary and that you want to break society's mores.  It's not so much the case with the younger generation, unless they're believers in a fundamentalist religion.

Certain persons there later said that it would have been good if Hal as the moderator for the first few sessions had familiarized himself with the German soap operas.  I knew the differences between them.  Verbotene Liebe has the aristocrats and the common people, and there's often some focus on characters leading glamourous lives.  It started out as a show with an incest plot in the center of it, and have had variants on that theme since.  In general, there are plots to do with sex and love, and plots to do with businesses.  Considering the show's beginnings, the sex scenes are often relatively restrained and non-explicit.  Verbotene Liebe takes itself pretty seriously.  Some of the characters are allowed to have funny lines once in a while, but it's a more stately show.  It has a long tradition of having gay, lesbian and bisexual characters who have family, friendship and work ties to the straight characters.

Alles Was Zahlt is a trip to wackyland.  The characters may have angst, but most of the actors do comedy as well, so there's a mix.  Sometimes the wild plots work, sometimes not so much, but you can count on the show to gleefully throw itself over the top in an attempt to please.  You've got the cracky dream sequences and hallucinations, evil scheming, competitiveness, and divas to spare.  The show has had a gay character from the beginning, but hasn't always had much idea of what to do with him, or given him much to do.  Happily, things have changed on that front.  Characters aren't usually all evil or all good.  The good guys do bad things, and some of the bad guys have feelings, too.

I didn't watch enough of Gute Zeiten, Schlecte Zeiten to get a feel for the whole show.  Lenny and Carsten's existence seemed to be grim and gritty, and they hung out with a band of juvenile delinquents, with Lenny joining in to do thuggish things.  It gave me bad flashbacks to some of the teenage and early twenties jerks I hung out with when I was that age, so I couldn't watch much of it.  It didn't have a regular YouTube channel, either, since the show was more vigilant about copyright and had requested some clips be taken down.

But I definitely have a good idea of the differences between the shows, even more now that I'm reluctantly watching full episodes of Verbotene Liebe to see if I can get a few minutes worth of seeing Christian and Olli.  I couldn't have done it in public, but I could have verbally articulated the different styles of the shows.

Dennis more than held his own in the discussion sessions he was a panel member of, and the one he moderated.  Jo and Thore seemed self-confident, and it didn't appear to be an act on their parts.  Their English is very good, especially Jo's.  Jo picked up on some of the random commentary and the jokes faster than some of the native English speakers did.  If you watch, you can see how very quick his comprehension is.  The others seemed to have a decent grasp of what was going on, enough to understand how passionate and knowledgable their fans were, and how they wanted to answer the questions they got.

More thoughts later...


Paul Neyron rose 2

later in the day

I should be satisfied that it was a good day.  I talked to friends in real life and online friends.  I got outside to my roses, and worked on them a little.  I'm happy to have flowers blooming, and my growing collection of herbs.  I got Mom a nice card and a present she liked -- a gift certificate to a large local independent bookstore.  I'm concerned because money that should have gotten to me on Saturday hasn't gotten here yet, and I have bills to pay.  I got out twice today, to the grocery store and to pick up dinner, and I worked outside with the plants, so it wasn't like I didn't leave the house today.

I got through the blizzard-like conditions early this year quite well.  I had plenty of editing and proofreading to do, and was happy to be warm, and have a good amount of food in the house.  I was able to do a little online e-book shopping, and found a couple of new things by authors I like.  I didn't mind not being able to go anywhere for three days in a row, either time.  Then again, I was also trying hard to get caught up on two soap operas, so I was pretty busy that way as well.  I was talking to P. and S. in real life, and to online friends and bloggers.  I don't know why today, when I had so much more freedom and was able to do so much more, I don't feel really content.

Well, I'll find things to do tomorrow -- probably put in a couple of hours at the secondhand bookstore, go to the bank to see if that money came, finish up two or three of this week's editing and proofreading jobs, and maybe plant some of those herbs.