April 2nd, 2010

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Monday end of March

Yes, I have a lot to catch up on.  Monday I was still dead tired.  I figured I would drive to the GLBT organization office at [local university] while I still felt fit to drive.  I got there half an hour or so before H.'s class was over.  I dozed in a chair, occasionally giggling at the comments the students made.  I said to D.S., the president of the group, "I come in here, and I'm always entertained."  He was looking over at me rather self-consciously after I said that, whenever the students made jokes.  I still crack up about what he said a couple of weeks ago: "If you think I'm a cold-hearted bitch, you should meet my mother."  That's one of the best lines I've heard from him.  It also explains a lot.

I had printed out photos from the Gays of Our Lives event, from the links the Eskimo Kiss ladies provided on the blog.  One of the links went to the Facebook of someone who was clearly a huge Verbotene Liebe fan.  The great majority of the pictures were of Thore and Jo.  I ended up in several of the pictures, as I was sitting right by the stage.  In at least one, I'm making a weird face, because I'm in pain from the camera flashes.  I know I was wincing a lot, so that expression will end up in a lot of pictures.  I'll have to get in touch with the VL fans and tell them to feel free to crop me out of the photos.  Not that I'm concerned about being shown at an event which touched a fair amount on gay rights, and was heavily concerned with portraying gay people in relatively realistic and positive ways, considering the medium.  I'm quite happy to be counted that way.  I just don't think they have any need to show my face-screwed-up-in-pain expressions.

Some of the other links led to photos of the discussion sessions.  They included some nice ones.  One of the links led to pictures of different actors, and I found a sweet photo of Dennis and Brent together.  Brent is facing the camera with his arm around Dennis' shoulders.  Dennis has his face against Brent's cheek, so you just see in profile that he has a big, joyful smile.  He looks almost transcendently happy.  (http://gaydaytime.blogspot.com/2010/03/day-1-gool-event-follow-up.html

I showed M. the pictures.  "This is one of my very favorites," I said.  "It's a picture of Dennis with his husband."  M. is a romantic, so I figured he'd appreciate that.  He also enjoyed the pictures of Jo and Thore.  I said, "Jo has the most beautiful eyes."

He said about either Jo or Thore, I'm not clear which, "Look at how broad his shoulders are."  It really could have been either of them.  He definitely appreciated how handsome they are.

I went back to dozing, and woke up enough when H. came in to show her the pictures, too.  J.'s boyfriend leaned over to look as well.  I suggested a couple of follow-ups on contacting alums from the late 1990s, but I think she got that I was too tired to really concentrate.  She had the little device we'd recorded interviews on, but there were about ten people in the office, most of whom were waiting for the computers.  When D.M. came in, he asked for a computer, and I said, "There's a line, and you're at the end of the line."  The students made "ooh" noises.  A bit later, I said to him, "I wasn't trying to be mean."  He didn't seem to have taken it too terribly hard.  The students say all kinds of things to each other.

Someone -- it might have been D.S. -- said, "This is the bitchiest office of any of the student organizations' offices."  No one disagreed.  It was definitely a day when the quips and random funny comments were flying.

When S. came in, I gave him Dennis' autograph, which I got on paper that had a rainbow on it.  S. was thrilled, and put it away safely.  I showed him the pictures of the guys.  S. went for the shallow.  "Dennis' husband isn't as good-looking as he is."  I shrugged in a "Who would be?" sort of way, and thought that S. had really missed the point.  S. was fretting about an art project due the next day, which he had no idea what to do about.  He was supposed to make a fedora out of a material which would not be used in a conventional hat.  That eliminated fabrics and leather.  The project was twenty-five percent of his grade for the class.

"We can go to Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts," I said.  "I'm sure they'll have a good craft material you can use."  I said goodbye to the crew of young GLBT (and Allies) comedians, and S. and I set off to the Jo-Ann's in [semi-localish town].  S. found felt, and we found a lady who worked there to ask about a way to get the material to a consistency where it would set right, and stay together.

"There's this glue called Stiffie," she said.  I hid a smile.

We set off to find the Stiffie.  "How old are you?" S. asked.

"I'll be thirty-eight in a week," I replied.  "But mentally I'm thirteen."  After some searching among the glue rows, we found the Stiffie.  S. got posterboard to make the crown and whatever in the proper shape.  "Posterboard is cheaper at Target, " I noted.  Then again, Target doesn't offer twenty or thirty kinds of glue, including several fabric glues.  "Do you want to go straight back home?" I asked.

"Yeah, I should get to work on this right away."  We headed back to the apartments where he lives.  I'll have to ask him how he did on his project.  H. e-mailed the alum I had specifically mentioned, and copied the e-mail to me.  I'll have to apologize to H. for coming to the office when I was pretty much good for nothing, but she's come in in the same state, so I think she understood.
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Tuesday end of March

Caught up on Verbotene Liebe.  I believe I posted about that, the fantastic love scene.  VL doesn't have sex scenes as explicit as AWZ's can be, but Christian and Olli have what I've seen described as "white-hot chemistry."  They didn't really solve any of the problems that have them at odds, but the scene was a beautiful expression of the love they have for each other, physical and emotional.  They conveyed so much in their kisses, touches and expressions.  At one point, Christian has rolled Olli over so Olli is on his back, with Christian kneeling over him, straddling his thighs.  Olli watches, eyes shining, as Christian strips off his T-shirt, then leans up to run his hands up Christian's belly and chest, slide his hands around the back of Christian's neck, and pull him down again.  They kiss, and then you see their hands as their fingers curl around each other's.  It was so sexual, but also so loving.
Further note: From watching the Gays of Our Lives fan videos, it appears that a lot of Christian and Olli love scenes feature Christian straddling Olli's thighs while he takes his shirt off.  I suppose fans who have watched all of the love scene episodes until they have them memorized would recognize that as a familiar and beloved part of the characters' love scenes.  I am clearly not yet at that point.  I still appreciated it on its own merits, though.

I went to the secondhand bookstore for a little bit, and straightened out the romances in the back.  We got another box full of historical romances.  I think that makes six boxes.  I can't remember what else I did Tuesday.  Possibly I dozed off somewhere along the line. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday end of March

Busy day.  I went to meet up with S.(M.) and a couple other ladies from the garden club to make a right-triangle flower arrangement.  I have no idea.  I suppose it was discussed at the meeting I missed.  It does seem that I miss a meeting and end up assigned to do things.  I guess that's how a lot of meetings work.  S. and J.M. had gone shopping, and gotten tulips, orange lilies, sweet little lavender calla lilies, and a couple of things I had no idea of the name of.  S. fed me lunch, and J. and herself snacks, while we waited for the fourth person.  I had my soap opera actors' pictures with me.  I started by saying, "You know I'm into gay romance," to S.  She's heard about the stories I work on in vague detail.  "And you know I've been talking about the German soap operas I've been watching.  This was an event where actors who play gay characters on TV got together with their fans."  I'd gotten the picture of me with Igor (thank you, B.) and printed that out.  "Look at how cute he is -- those puppy-dog eyes, those cheekbones, those pouty lips..."  I think they got the idea that I have a bit of a crush on Igor.  J. is a lot younger than most of the other garden club ladies, and didn't say anything about the gay romance angle.  S. doesn't really understand it, but she knows it's something I've disclosed to her before, that it's an interest of mine in some way.

After we'd worked on the arrangement for a couple of hours, I had to get to an appointment.  We'd gotten the basic L-shaped structure down by then, although not without snapping some flower stems.  I really liked the lavender mini calla lilies with the yellow tulips and the orange lilies.  It was a nice color contrast effect.

E.M. had asked bookstore workers to come in to get the store ready for April.  I came in and helped with the window displays, and some other projects, including finding gardening books with pretty covers for a display rack.