March 23rd, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

and Monday's soap operas

Alles Was Zahlt: Still loving Roman as trainer.  He seems much steadier and more mature mentoring someone, and growing somewhat out of being a diva.  In some ways, Roman will probably always be high-maintenance, but he's really moved past having to please everybody, and into being there to give his friends support.  He needs Deniz to give him support, and Deniz is mature enough now to do that.  Roman needs to be loved and reassured, and then he's fine.

Verbotene Liebe: I really prefer androgynous guys generally, but I'm making an exception for the totally butch Christian.  He can be tender and gentle, but today he was very dominant, and it was hot.  He's fighting for his man as best he knows how.  He loves Olli very much, but he wasn't taking any shit from him today.  Christian was really making the effort to communicate with Olli, and was completely correct in his suspicions about Rob.  Olli is just being naive about Rob.  This version of Olli is a change from the experienced and sexually self-confident man he was when he met Christian.  It seems like despite all his experience with men, Olli has kept a kind of innocence, and a sweetness of character, but it's hard to believe that Olli didn't realize that Rob was attracted to him, and that he doesn't see that Rob's motives are far from pure.  Christian is trying to protect his man from Rob and from himself.  Let's hope Olli realizes that soon.