March 16th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

various -- mostly garden, some soap opera

Yesterday: Didn't sleep Sunday night, ended up sleeping all Monday day and missing my afternoon of real-life sparkliness.  H. and I will try to get together Thursday afternoon, so I may get some sparkle after all.

Watched up through much of January 2010 on Verbotene Liebe.  I've watched some of the more current episodes, so I think I'm quite close to caught up.  Word is that HBO is planning to do a show with the Christian and Olli characters, but set in Portland, Oregon.  I'm wondering how that would work, exactly, but it sounds like an interesting plan.  Jo Weil commented on it, as reported in this week's "Gays of Our Lives."  (  He wouldn't mind playing the character in an American version, which would be super-cool.  Odds of that actually happening are slim, of course.  He and Thore are apparently very fluent in English, and Jo said he'd like to at least make a guest appearance on the show.  That would be cool, too.

Today: Made it to the bookstore, did some straightening up of the romance section.  H.E. puts things in her own sort of order when she fills in the shelves, and sticks hardcovers in in random places.  Someone is putting regular suspense/thrillers in with romantic suspense, which has a pretty different focus.  I pull out the mainstream suspense books, and put them back with the general fiction.  We need donations of romantic suspense and paranormal romance.  We have less and less, and nothing in the back but duplicates of a few romantic suspense books.

It was nice out, and the ground was drying out some after all that rain, so I took a look around outside.  As I could see from the west windows, the snowdrops are up on the side of the little hill behind the house, and on top of the hill.  The daffodil leaves are well up, both 'Ice Follies' and 'King Alfred.'  There are little leaves like clumps of wavy grass near the 'King Alfred' daffodils in the former rose garden.  I think they're ornamental alliums.  I always forget they're there.  The leaf buds of the lilacs are swollen.  The winter honeysuckle is just starting to bloom.  Will have to get out to the back where it is in the next few weeks.

In the shade garden, the ferns are coming up.  Most are still tight fiddleheads, but there's what I think is a lady fern with a few fronds already.  The sweet rush (acorus) is evergreen, so it's hard to tell, but it looks like it's starting to grow.

I took a look at the roses in pots, which had been completely covered by the snow.  Some still have green canes, and some have swelling leaf buds.  'Teasing Georgia', 'Morning Has Broken', and 'Cardinal de Richelieu' have green canes, and so does 'Tiffany', surprisingly enough.  If 'Tiffany' really does put out leaves, I'll be amazed but pleased.  The Old Garden Roses planted on the north side of the house seem to be doing as expected, with the ones which have green canes showing green.  With some, it's better to wait for the leaf buds to really swell before pruning off the dead wood, because I've taken out a fair amount of canes which were really alive, just gray or brown.  'Ispahan' has about eight thick, seven-foot-tall green canes in addition to the old wood.  It's actually rather scary.  The flowers are quite pretty, especially as buds and in their abundant show, but I'm glad that rose wasn't planted too close to the others.

The irises have new leaves.  I think the one in the crocus garden is the dark purple German iris.  I had some orris in there, too.  The orris is so pretty with its lavender-grey flowers.  There are iris leaves in the herb garden, which may also be orris.  The blue flag iris has new leaves.  The mahonia is in bud, and it's tall enough now that you only have to bend over some to get close to the flowers.  I'll have to get over there to it in the next couple of weeks.  It's got quite a nice, sweet scent.  I've made a pretty good effort to collect fragrant plants, and at least with the perennials and shrubs, you don't need to collect them every year.  I got seeds for some flowering annuals which have nice scents, and I'll look for lemongrass, pineapple sage, and heliotrope in a couple of months.  The Herb Society of America (Philadelphia Unit)'s sale is May 13th this year.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt: I felt bad for Annette, and for Alexander, of course.  I've only watched the EKP clips of the last couple of shows, and fast-forwarded through the Jenny/Marian parts.  I'm sure I'll go back to watch them and the whole shows at some point this week.  (Added: I watched the full episodes for Monday and Tuesday.  As evil as Max can be, he really cares for his child.)  I want to see what's going on with Axel.  I do like Marian.  I just think the Jenny/Marian drama has gone on for a long time now.  I'm happy we're seeing more of Roman, and more of Roman and Deniz together.  They're pretty much the show's supercouple at this point.  I don't think any other couples are together except Richard and Celine.  Honestly, Richard and Celine icked me out a little today.  Hopefully Ingo and Annette will repair their relationship.  I'm continuing in a mostly-just-listening way to try to learn some spoken German, while occasionally resorting to my German-English dictionary.  "Together" is aparently "zusammen," but saying a couple is together sounds more like "zum"-something.  I'm matching some German words which aren't even obvious cognates to the written English words.  Watching Verbotene Liebe is helping with that, as it's a whole other cast of characters who talk about different things than the Alles Was Zahlt characters do.