March 11th, 2010

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American soap operas fail

Just saw on AfterElton that One Life to Live will be dropping the characters of Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis.  Apparently their core demographic disliked them.  (  The show seems to be getting rid of a lot of the twenty-something and thirty-something actors, as one of the articles or commenters observed.  The great majority of the commenters on the TV Guide Weekly article ( said they'd started watching One Life to Live for Kyle and Oliver's story, and would no longer watch when they were gone.  They broke new ground for an American soap opera.  From what I understand, Kyle and Oliver had the first same-sex love scene on American daytime television, or possibly network television in general.  I was getting into the show, but now I'll stop watching when they leave.  It will certainly free up my afternoon, but I'll miss them.  Not that I watch much TV, but mainstream American television really seems to be going backward as far as having gay characters.  It's sad.
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real-life grimness

The news had a report tonight on Uganda, and the "Anti-Homosexuality" bill there.  If it passes, "repeat offenders" could get the death penalty.  EKP posted on this, and so did Lisabea.  It's horrible when people stir up violence and oppression in the name of religion, though that's happened countless times in history.  I think a lot of American people feel obligated to at least give lip service to "family values," but draw the line at actually killing someone.  There are still far too many hate crime murders, especially of transgendered people.  I don't understand why more people don't draw the connection between hate speech and resulting actions.  I wonder if this will lead to greater politicization of the young generation of GLBT people in America.  Not that some aren't already politicized, but more may become so.
Paul Neyron rose 2

cloudy today

Still relatively warm, but all cloudy -- and pretty glary as far as driving was concerned.  Things were not quite as goofed up in the romance section of the bookstore as they were on Tuesday, but I still had a good bit of straightening out to do.  There was a bag of category romance donations waiting for me, and most were nice new ones, so I was happy with that.  We had a couple of Friars (service fraternity) in on their Spring Break, helping out.  B., who's been in many times before, started on sorting out the "M" boxes, which are on the top shelf and overflowing.  I got his friend started on sorting out the boxes of books by prolific authors.  E. can figure out what to do with all the duplicates, but I just had the boys make boxes of them and label them.

There are clumps of snowdrops blooming on the little rise behind the house, and daffodil leaves coming up.

Soap operas: I was again very happy with Alles Was Zahlt.  The show had Roman simply being a grown-up doing his job.  He was awesome, of course.  I loved that there were no stereotypes, no didactic messages, just someone knowledgable about his work.