March 10th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

kind of busy day

Well, relatively so, for me.  I got to the secondhand bookstore today, and the romance shelves and the boxes of romances in the back were all completely in disarray.  I was a little cranky to see how the people filling in the shelves had put random historicals and a full row of Nora Roberts' books onto the suspense and paranormal romance shelves, but I should have come in on Thursday afternoon.  We have a row of Nora Roberts' novels on the contemporary romance shelves, and put the occasional historical one on the historical shelves.  When the back of a book doesn't have any blurb at all, just a big picture of the author, it's really difficult to tell at a glance what the book is about.  There's the same problem with Jayne Ann Krentz and Janet Evanovich's books, although at least with the By-the-Numbers series, the readers should have a good idea of what they're getting.  We're putting a couple rows of romance into the bestsellers section, and those shelves had the romances all mixed up with the thrillers and suspense novels.  So I did quite a lot of sorting there as well.  I put out another shelf worth of category romances in the romance section, and consolidated the rest in the back into a box and a quarter.  I didn't want to get rid of the second box, because I'm sure we'll get plenty more donations.
Did a big grocery-shopping thing this evening.  All stocked up on fruit, beverages, soup, and desserts, at least for the next couple of weeks.

At home: the minature rose is still alive (*crosses fingers*), though the flowers quickly faded.  The primroses are hanging in there -- not too terribly long before I can plant them.  The yellow-flowered one wilted dramatically when it dried out, but came back when I gave it a good watering.  Apparently it needs to be watered every day.  I'm trying to remember if primroses are wetland plants.  I don't think so, necessarily.  I'm trying to remember to water the double-flowered begonia often, too.  That's in a small plastic pot, so it also dries out quickly.

Soap operas: I was thrilled by Alles Was Zahlt today.  It's good to have the boys getting some real interaction time with each other.  I couldn't believe that Roman said that one of their potential renters had found Deniz' box of toys under the bed.  I thought that Aldi must have been kidding with the translation.  It gave the commenters much squee, anyway.  Aldi claims that the dialogue on AWZ is often innuendo-ridden, although sometimes the jokes don't translate well.  I can see for myself that their contention that the show is not subtle seems to be pretty accurate.

One Life to Live: Oliver Fish is still deep in denial about having very probably fathered a child.  I could see it for the first couple of days after he realized it was a possibility, and him having the same issues about someone gay being a parent as a lot of the viewers likely have.  At this point, though, he needs to take some responsibility, despite his own feelings.  Kyle keeps telling Oliver that he's a good man, regardless of his sexual orientation, and would be a good father.  Oliver is having none of it.

GZSZ: It's looking likely that Lenny will do some jail time for his role in robbing a kiosk and beating the owner.  On the one hand, he's too beautiful to go to jail.  On the other hand, he was a vicious member of a gang of thugs.  If you're going by rules of logic, he should pay for his crimes.

Verbotene Liebe: I had watched some of the previous couple of weeks' episodes.  I think I mentioned how hot Thore Scholermann is in those riding boots and breeches.  Dennis G. may be a "travel-sized German sex god," but Thore is up there in the running for the larger-sized German sex god.  I would never try to woo Lisabea away from her new secret gay boy friend, but there are a few episodes of Verbotene Liebe which have must-watch scenes.  I believe I've also mentioned that Jo Weil, who plays Olli, is a very good-looking man, too.  He has the most beautiful eyes.  It's not that I love Deniz and Roman any less, it's that Christian and Olli also have a place in my affections.
Paul Neyron rose 2

warm today

I was out a little bit, picking Dad up at work so he could get his car at Firestone.  I thought about going to Longwood Gardens, but it was already close to 2:00 p.m., and they close at 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. in the off-season.  Maybe tomorrow, if it's still nice out.  I bet their "Tommy" crocus and winter aconite is blooming, and maybe the witch hazels.  Some of those witch hazels are so nicely scented.  Our crocus leaves and miniature daffodil leaves are coming up, where the snow has melted.  The tulips with red-variegated leaves are in a very sheltered spot, and their leaves are up.  The pussy willow is starting to do its thing -- it's in that same fairly sheltered spot by the house.  I'll have to go look at the top of the rise in back of the house, and see if the snowdrops are blooming.  I love the snowdrops.

In other news, I got my "Eskimo Kiss: We Do Believe in Fairies" T-shirt.  I am so set for Soapfairy accessories now.  I have rainbow earrings I got at the Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade festival, and I'll wear them one of the days.

Alles Was Zahlt had a lot of Roman and Deniz.  I'm sure it will be better when I read the subtitles, but I got the gist.  Added: The dialogue was good, but I had gotten the Roman-being-seductive part just from body language and tone of voice.  I love it when he gets to be a "sexual creature."  The show also had a lot of the Bergmann sisters bonding and scruffy Axel.  I'm glad that Katja is finally out on the ice.  It seemed a waste to get an actress who can really skate and not use her skills.  Actually, a little worse than that, because from what I understand, she's a skater who wanted to get into acting.  They'll have a lot less use for stunt doubles.  This was one show where I wanted the whole thing translated.

One Life to Live: No Kyle and Oliver, though the Sierra Rose custody battle rages on.  Kim invited a couple of her fellow pole-dancers/strippers from Las Vegas to be her bridesmaids.  Apparently one will be staying as a regular on the show.

Verbotene Liebe: Thore continues to rank high in the "German sex god" pantheon.  He's not conveniently travel-sized, but I'm sure some VL fans have brought along extra-large suitcases to try to fit him into.  After all, they have to allow room for those long legs and broad shoulders.  I wish they'd have Christian and Olli working things out and having make-up sex.  They have sizzling chemistry together.