February 25th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

snowing again

I didn't really feel like going out, and I do have a proofreading job to work on, and will have some editing work when Jen the Proofreading Goddess officially assigns the line editing for the next week or two.  I specially asked to do one by Lena Austin -- I really like her stories, especially the Coyotes of Yellowstone series.  (Edited to add: I got three shorter stories to work on, and Lena's story is really cute.  The stories should keep me nice and busy for a few days.)

Soap operas: No Kyle and Oliver on One Life to Live, but at least it didn't have the tweens.  The show uses any excuse to get Ford half-naked or mostly naked.  I approve -- the man is ripped and smokin' hot.  It would be nice to have more of Oliver half-naked, too.  As someone (I suspect on AfterElton) noted, it's nice to see a man who isn't waxed to within an inch of his life.  Personally, I like the natural look.  It's fitting for Oliver, too, as he's someone who has absolutely no idea how hot he is, and wouldn't go to get something like that done.

I have some interest in what will happen with the guppy, especially once Oliver finds out he's the father.  There should be some juicy conflict between Oliver and Kyle when Oliver learns that Kyle got a sample of his DNA.  I knew it would be very easy for Kyle to do it.  I imagine that Oliver covers Kyle with at least a vial's worth of DNA on a regular basis.  Kyle's being shady again, and Oliver's in denial and somewhat self-hating, at least as far as the possibility of being a parent.  They're staying true to the characters with what they're doing and feeling.

Alles Was Zahlt: I was pleasantly surprised to see that the show had a fair amount of Deniz today.  Even he couldn't bring sparkle to the scenes between Lars and Stella, but he sparkled a little in the scenes with Katja and Annette.  Katja sparkled in the scenes with Ben.  I want to see more of Deniz and Roman together, happy and facing obstacles as a team.  I'm glad that Deniz is getting friendly with the Bergmann sisters.  I'd like to see more of Marian, too.  (Edited to add: Now that I've seen the subtitles, it was even sweeter.  Deniz was taking care of Annette, and happy for Katja.) 

Apparently Oliver Sommer finally told Stella the truth about how he was the one who ran her over.  Now she's mad at him, and had flashbacks to how badly she'd treated Lars when she thought he'd hit her with the car.  I really wish Deniz hadn't discouraged her from blaming herself.  It was the first time she'd had even an inkling of thought that perhaps training when the doctor told her not to had been a big reason for her problems.

I watched last week's episodes of the German Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ) on AfterElton's Gays of Our Lives.  Lenny's parents are finally hearing about some of the bad stuff he did when he was running with that gang of thugs.  They're appropriately horrified.  They took him being in love with Carsten completely in stride, but it's harder for them to deal with what a vicious punk he was.  At least Lenny is clumsily trying to turn things around.  It would have been much better if he'd been able to accept that he was passionately in love with Carsten a lot sooner than he actually did.  He would have hurt Carsten much less, his girlfriend less if he'd been able to break up with her gently, and other people wouldn't have suffered either.  It's good that the show isn't glossing over how horrible some of his actions were.  I guess it took him realizing how completely he'd fouled everything up before he was able to deal with his feelings.

I watched the current-day episodes of Verbotene Liebe, too.  Christian and Olli are going through some conflict, but I have hopes that they'll talk everything out.  They've been together for a good while now, and should trust each other.  Their lighter romantic picnic scenes in recent weeks were nice.  Some angst keeps the viewers in suspense, but I like to also just have scenes of the couple being happy together and enjoying each other's company.  I'm good with light-hearted and pleasant going on for a while in a relationship while a show torments other characters and couples.

I still have a lot of Verbotene Liebe to catch up on, and I'll be watching at least the present-day episodes of GZSZ, as Lenny tries to reform.  Back episodes of Verbotene Liebe are much easier to take (at least up to the point where I am) than earlier episodes of GZSZ, because Olli is just such a nice person, and the romance between Christian and him is sweet.  It's lovely to see a character who acts mature like Olli does.