February 18th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

general goings-on

When the people who know me ask what my editing and proofing have recently included, I tell them (among other things), "Pole-dancing elves."  Sophia Titheniel comes up with some creative, not to say wacky, ideas.  Well, it certainly provides me with lots of conversational material.

Got to the secondhand bookstore.  We'd gotten a lot of donations today.  I put away some paperbacks.  Then I straightened out the romance section.  I hadn't gone in on the previous Thursday (foot of snow) or on Tuesday (sinus headache), so it was a big mess.  I filled in on the shelves and organized books in the boxes in back.  I consolidated enough of the historical romance to take it from six boxes to four, and got some other boxes out of the aisle.  It looks pretty good now.

Soap operas: One Life to Live: Pretty much everybody who needed to get to the hospital after the blizzard and car crash injuries (Schuyler); and car crash and explosion (John and Natalie, with Natalie injured); and falling into the icy lake and being rescued (Gigi); and being shot and brainwashed (Jessica); and being nearly strangled to death (Brody and Sky); and nearly freezing to death (Sky and several others, but Sky was one of the closest to freezing); and being premature and blue-lipped (guppy -- er, Sierra Rose) actually made it there.  It really wasn't Sky's week, or Jessica's, for that matter.  Actually, a lot of characters had a pretty bad couple of weeks during the February sweeps.  I'm sure they'll be going over it all in great detail in the months to come.

Alles Was Zahlt: Some of Jenny doing a "Girls Gone Wild" thing, quite a bit of Stella and Lars and Oliver.  I have to admit that Lars and Oliver really are seeming very slashable in this episode, especially when you only understand about one word in ten of what they're saying.  All of Stella's pals are trying to raise money for her operation, since apparently her insurance doesn't cover an experimental procedure like that.  Or that's what I think is going on.  (Actually, her insurance isn't covering it because she went skating without the doctor's okay.  Of course, Stella isn't blaming herself for any of this.)  Quite a number of people have commented on how Stella's attitude and actions are highly insulting to disabled people.  People who acquire a disability do go through stages of grief for their loss of mobility or sight or whatever.  That's natural enough.  But Stella could accept some responsibility for her actions and deal with being disabled with some grace.  That's completely the opposite of the way it's going, though.  It's a storyline EKP is ignoring as much as possible, except when Deniz is dragged into it or when Lars and Oliver seem particularly close.  Personally, I want more of the scruffy version of Axel.  This in addition to wanting a lot more of Deniz and Roman, of course.

Now that I've seen the subtitled version of Roman and Deniz's too-brief scene, I'm hating Stella even more.  Roman starts being seductive with Deniz, and they're about to kiss when Marian burns Roman's hand with a candle lighter.  I thought Marian had burned Deniz's hand, but Roman and Deniz were holding hands.  Marian had seemed to have been much more accepting this time around.  Why can't Deniz's lover flirt with him at the dining room table?  Marian's flirted with a number of women over dinner.  Stella said that no one wanted to hear the details of what Deniz still didn't know Roman could do.  Excuse me?  I wanted to hear some details.  Anthony Langford of AfterElton's "Gays of Our Lives" had a little rhapsody at some point about how much he loved it when the show allowed Roman to be seen as the "sexual creature" that he is.  As much as the other characters say things about him being a girl, no one could mistake him for a girl when he's being seductive.  Any character who finds Roman attractive is well aware that they're feeling lust for a man.