February 16th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

quiet so far

My car is covered in a few inches of snow, as is the driveway.  (Update: snow on the car seems to have pretty much melted off.)  I'm also fighting a nasty sinus-type headache.  I decided not to go to the secondhand bookstore today, but to stay home.  Mom says there's a pancake supper at church tonight, so I need to dig the car out before that if I want to go.  I'm trying to work up the ambition.  I painted my nails black last evening, and they were all chipped by this morning.  That didn't last long.  I repainted them while I was watching Alles Was Zahlt, so I'm waiting for them to dry.

Soap operas:  One Life to Live: Sky revived Gigi, and the two of them took the baby to the hospital.  No, I don't know how a woman who'd almost drowned in icy water and had CPR performed on her could walk two miles to the road in wet clothes and four feet of snow, carrying a baby.  Sky still has a bleeding leg wound which he tied his scarf around, tourniquet-style, a few episodes ago.  I didn't notice whether the actor remembered to limp today.  He limped through the Styrofoam-and-feathers snow pretty convincingly Thursday and Friday.  The wound didn't seem to be affecting his driving particularly.  This time Gigi was talking to him in person, rather than nagging him on the cell phone while he drove through a blizzard.  Somehow he was managing to tune her out enough to focus some attention on the road in the scenes today.

Meanwhile, Stacy fell into the lake, despite everyone yelling to her to not go out on the ice.  Rex tried to save her, with some help from Oliver, but was unsuccessful.  I'm wondering when they'll have the paternity test for the guppy.  I can't wait to see Oliver's face -- or Kyle's.  I think Kyle is in less denial of the possibilities than Oliver is, but Oliver has a really well-developed capacity for denial.

Alles Was Zahlt:  No Zoe today, thank goodness.  Sadly, Roman and Deniz were nowhere to be seen, either.  Axel is back!  Well, still in Argentina, but I'm sure he'll be back in fictional Essen soon.  He actually looks pretty good all scruffy.  I love to hate Axel.  He's a great comedy villain.  Lots of Lena, Annette and Ingo, and some Katja on today's episode.  It's good to see the Bergmann sisters all together, and at least Lena is doing some bonding with Katja.

Verbotene Liebe: As of yesterday, I'd lost at least two days watching clips from it.  I got from November of 2007, when Olli came back to the show, to July of 2008.  On that YouTube channel, the person who does the clips apparently does pretty much just the scenes in which Olli and Christian are together.  They have some great chemistry.  Have I mentioned how hunky both actors are?  As of July 2008, Christian is well into attempting to start a boxing career.  They had the coming-out story when Christian turned gay, and he's still in the closet to most people.  The guys are very supportive of each other, and act really quite mature for soap opera characters.  Olli in particular seems to be an easygoing, nice person.  He's facing some wicked homophobia, as Christian's boxing buddies know that Olli is gay.  Christian is feeling horrible about subjecting Olli to it and staying in the closet himself.  Back in the privacy of their own apartment, they're very caring and loving with each other.  I expect I'll get through another few months tonight.

Added: We did make it to the church supper.  I think it was good for Mom to get out and see her church friends.  The choir director had tried to make her an alto -- said she should sing alto -- when Mom is a second soprano.  She didn't even talk to Mom about it first, just said it in front of the whole choir.  Mom quit choir.  So some of the other ladies who sing in the choir were asking her about it.  One of the best singers in the choir said, "But you're a soprano!"  Other choir members and friends of hers were supportive as well.  I think Mom needed to vent and get sympathy.  She volunteers as the church librarian as well as working full-time, so it's not like she isn't busy.

The pancake dinner was pretty good.  I think it's a regular Shrove Tuesday church thing at St. F.'s.  They have a decent pancake recipe, and I love breakfast food any time of the day.  Dad came straight from work.  I told one of our church acquaintances who's sort of close to my age about the editing I do.  People seem to think I'll want to go to editing more conventional books, but I love the wacky stories I proof and edit now.  Sure, some of the authors are still learning the craft of writing, but it makes me feel good that I can suggest how to repair a sentence or paragraph.  For a while now, I've been at the point where there are stories I feel I could rewrite.

I wish there was a good place to meet people my age who share my interests.  I just have an eclectic variety of interests.  Most of the people I talk to about gardening are very straight, as in very conventional as well.  The church people are pretty mainstream, and the senior citizens are.  I'm too much of a geek to be much of a Goth, but I do have quite a bit to talk about with the ones who aren't too stuck up.  Even a majority of the other queer people I deal with in real life are pretty mainstream in their own ways.  They seem well enough aware of being a minority, but they don't seem to have that edge of alienation.  Maybe I just haven't had those conversations with them.