February 14th, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

another mini-road trip

Went with Mom to work.  I just wanted to get out of the house.  I had gotten out of the house on Friday, when we searched for jewelry-making materials.  I made one set of earrings and designed a couple more, so Mom could look at them and see what she liked.

Soap operas: I spent a lot of Saturday watching The Dark Years of Alles Was Zahlt, and then into DeRo 2.0.  I've watched the current Valentine's Day episode several times.  So cute.  Katja is a lot better than Stella, although I'm sure we'll get some Stella drama in the next few weeks.  Deniz's plots seems to be helping her and giving Katja relationship advice.

Verbotene Liebe: Kris of Kris 'n' Good Books gave me the link for a YouTube channel that is entirely clips of Christian and Oliver kissing.  I went from that to Ichglotzutube's channel, which includes more of the relationship.  Christian and Olli seem to have a lot of chemistry.  It seems that they turned Christian from a straight character to a gay character.  From what I understand, Olli was meant to be bisexual tending towards gay to start with.  Both of the guys are seriously hot.  I want to get through at least the main part of their romance as it develops before going to New York, so I understand at least a little about the characters.  Edited to add: I watched a lot of clips at the library, and got up to their first kiss.  The clips started with Olli returning to fictional Dusseldorf -- apparently the actor had played the same role for several years in the past.  I'm eager to get to their second kiss. 

I still haven't forgotten about catching up on the German Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ).  I'll do some of that in late February and early March.

Back to the real world: The plan was that I would drive home.  Soon after I started the drive, I put my music on.  Mom immediately started whining about me playing Rammstein.  "This music is making me very nervous," she complained.  Playing hard rock or Industrial actually calms me when I drive.  It focuses the part of my brain which would otherwise be anxious, and helps me concentrate.  Plus, it's a really boring drive, and I wanted something to listen to.  After ten minutes of her whining, I said she could eject the CD.  Of course, she couldn't find the eject button or the CD case.  When she found them, she presumably put the CD away like I told her to.  Right after she got the music off, she started whining about my driving.  I listened to it for about fifteen minutes.  By then we'd gotten about halfway.  She said I should pull over and let her drive.  So I did.  She wasn't happy about that, either.  I'd pulled into a gas station, and you had to creep out some to see past the snowbank by the exit.  We got home all right.  She'd wanted to take all limited-access highways and other main roads instead of the winding back roads.  I couldn't really blame her, although it adds six miles to the drive.  She wants me to go with her when she works evening shift so I can drive home at night, but nothing was making her happy.  She works again Wednesday night.  We'll see if she wants me to go with her for that one.