January 31st, 2010

Paul Neyron rose 2

soap opera ramble

More comments on AWZ, Friday and previously: *various spoilers*  Stella got rescued quickly.  Deniz started to blame himself, but even Oliver didn't really blame him.  Roman and Ben discovered a skating demonstration DVD of Katja.  Ben asked her to skate.  Given her psychological problems, I'm sure her phobias will quickly kill that plan.

I'm surprised the folks of Eskimo Kiss Project (http://awz.parakaproductions.com) haven't pointed out the soap opera medicine issues as they did with the "Killer Virus" plot.  As I've mentioned before, when S. and I watched the episodes with Axel electrocuting himself and Roman giving him CPR, S. pointed out that if CPR is done right, it breaks the receipient's ribs.  In this Stella plot, which EKP has doing their best to ignore, first Stella got run over, but apparently only injured her shoulder, and possibly her ribs.  I'm guessing from how she got a sling and seemed to have tender ribs.  Then she seemed to have a sore back, which Lars was massaging.  Then she crashed into the boards at the skating rink, but mostly seemed to have just hit her head.

I'm sure Lars didn't help anything by picking her up off the ice and carrying her around.  If you suspect there might be trauma to the neck, you shouldn't move the person until the emergency personnel can get a neck brace on and a backboard under the person.  The doctor showed Stella X-rays of what looked like the lumbar vertebrae, which was the area which had been causing her pain before she smashed against the glass.  Then when she fell out of bed, the nursing aides or nurses just lifted her back in.  Then she's in a wheelchair that day, and home with Marian by that night.

It used to be that you'd be in the hospital for several months with a spinal injury, if not indefinitely.  Now I think it's more like a couple months or a few weeks before you'd go to a rehab place.  You'd think they would have X-rayed her spine when Oliver brought her in the first time.  He should have known not to move her, either, but that would have revealed that he was the one who ran her over.  I think you'd get a body cast or metal rods to stabilize the broken part of the spine.  I suppose showing her in bed in a cast for weeks, or getting physical therapy, was not part of the plan.  Definitely a soap opera medicine deal going there.

They seemed to do relatively realistic medical treatment for Roman's injury.  He was on crutches for weeks after getting his ligament ruptured, and getting surgery for that.  He got physical therapy.  I guess it's easier for a soap opera to have a character with a leg brace and crutches than to have a character bed-ridden.  Roman didn't stay in the hospital for long.  He did have the injury stabilized when he was up and about.

Paul Neyron rose 2


Friday: Cold.  Asked P. if she wanted a ride back home from work.  Turned out she wanted a ride to a thrift shop in town, too.  Unfortunately, there's no parking in town.  We circled around a bit, and found a place to park ten minutes before the church thrift store closed.  P. found a pair of black pants to wear to work.  We went to the Salvation Army next, and I looked around there for a bit.  I told Mom they had several pairs of jeans with elasticized waists -- she likes those.  I only wear actual jeans.  I wasn't especially feeling like trying on clothes right then, what with all the layers of clothes I was wearing anyway.  If I'd found a blouse I'd really liked, I probably would have tried that on.  I saw a lot of nice clear glass vases there, and may go back to get some.  They mostly seemed to be about 50 cents each, which is pretty reasonable.

Saturday: Snowing.  Stayed home.  Caught up on more soap operas.  I'd gotten caught up on the One Life to Live Kyle and Oliver story from June to the present from the link Kris of Kris 'n' Good Books had given me.  I searched for links to subtitled clips of the German and Dutch versions of Good Times, Bad Times, and for links to Verbotene Liebe.  I found a few clips.  My knowledge of German does seem to transfer across for the other German soap operas, as I recognize certain words.

Sunday: Out to the Dollar Store, the produce place, and to the Acme.  I got blood oranges at the produce place, and noted for Thursday's Garden Club meeting that it would be a good place to get cheap flowers.  Pudding was buy one, get one free at Acme.  I shopped at the iTunes store when I got home.  I got a couple of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers songs, a couple by Duran Duran (influence of watching so much MTV in the 1980s), Pat Benatar's Greatest Hits, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik album.  I had those albums on cassette tape back in the day.  I'll collect more eighties songs as I think of them.  My music collection has some pop, and some arena rock, but it's still rather slanted towards punk, heavy metal, and Industrial -- with some emo in there from the influence of emo-boy J5.  I have covers of Joan Jett singing Pretty Vacant and Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap).  I think those versions are classics in their way, or at least have a good deal of camp value.

Sunday night: Watching Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (Dutch version of Good Times, Bad Times).  The show has a young gay man, Lucas, who's supposed to be eighteen or nineteen.  He's bratty, but he's funny and pretty self-assured.  He lived in New York for several years, then came back to this little fictional Dutch town to live with his mother and sister.  I'm not sure where in the little town he's finding so many men to pick up, but he said he'd already had half of New York.  His mother found out he was gay when she met one of his tricks the morning after.  She was a little shocked, but more so that he hadn't told her.  It's kind of neat to see a teenaged gay character who's very comfortable with himself and his sexual preferences.  Lucas is well past any coming-out angst he might have had.  It's a process that different people go through at different times, depending on when they're ready.  But on TV, teenaged characters are usually shown starting that process, or in the middle of it.

It's also a change to show a younger character who has one-night stands.  As I said recently (on The Naughty Bits?), I think it's realistic that men have multiple partners, especially soon after they come out.  Even on Alles Was Zahlt, Roman was occasionally shown bringing home tricks, and had a couple of one-night stands with Deniz after they were broken up.  The show didn't portray him as a bad person for doing any of that.  GTST doesn't show Lucas as being a bad person for having his one-night stands and casual relationships.  His mother yelled at him for the night he got so drunk he blacked out, and ended up in his friend Arnoud's bed, completely puzzled about how he'd gotten there.  She was upset that he drank so much he couldn't remember what happened.  Noud said, completely deadpan, that he and Lucas had had sex, and the story spread all through the little town.  When Noud found out that everyone thought he and Lucas were boyfriends, he didn't turn a hair.  It goes to show that when people don't have a problem with sexuality, they don't feel a need to have issues with others.