December 17th, 2009

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soap operas I'm following

Well, nothing of Roman and Deniz on Alles Was Zahlt ( for a couple of days, but clips of other shows on Gays of our Lives ( There's a Dutch show which translates as "Good Times, Bad Times," and I've watched a couple of clips of that. It's probably messing up my understanding of German, because some of the words sound very close, and some sound rather more like English words. I'm finding German to be a prettier-sounding language -- go figure. Gays of our Lives also has clips from American shows, and it's rather unnerving to not have subtitles. Also, the shows seem much dumber to me than AWZ. Maybe part of it's the challenge of figuring out what the characters are saying, but I don't think that factors much into it. I'm following what's going on with Richard Steinkamp and his scheming family. Well, I'm picking up the basics. I enjoyed seeing Lars doing the boxing. He's really ripped. When he's mostly naked, and not with Stella, he's really pretty hot. The sex scenes Lars had with Jenny when they were together were quite steamy. Sadly, Stella sucks the sex appeal out of any scene she's in. Ingo got to play Santa yesterday. He didn't have a sexy Santa outfit like Roman did, but Annette found him hot enough. I saw the one interview with the actors who play Ingo and Annette, and the interviewer asked Ulrike Roseberg, the actress who plays Annette, if she'd find Andre Dietz, the actor who plays Ingo, her type in real life. She said rather casually, "Oh, I like women," and the interview just continued on, with Andre D. remembering one time that Ulrike said that if she liked guys, he'd be her type. But otherwise, no comment. She apparently gets no notice of her acting skills for playing a heterosexual character. Of course, I think gay actors can do great jobs playing straight characters, and vice versa, depending on the person's acting skills, but I'm still finding this fairly ironic. Dennis G. gets all these questions about what it's like to be a gay actor on a soap opera. Ulrike doesn't seem to get the same kind of attention at all. Has anyone asked her what it's like to be a gay actor on a soap opera? Does anyone ask if she finds her women co-stars (or women crew members) to be hot? Perhaps she gets more questions about this on interviews I haven't seen, and maybe the powers-that-be want to focus on her appeal to straight men. I'm sure she has her appeal to lesbian and bi women, too. I think she's pretty. The character can be annoying, but she's definitely one of the more attractive of the women on the show, in my opinion.
Paul Neyron rose 2

rambling about the day

Got an arrangement done to go to a nursing home for the holidays. Used winterberry -- most of the berries seem to have been eaten by the birds -- and American holly. It made for a prickly arrangement, but I put it in a basket so you could just hold it by the handle.

Got to the grocery store and got Advil, and a birthday card for Dad. I may wrap Dad's present while he's at work tomorrow, or find a cute little bag to put it in. It's a set of DVDs called "A Century of Warfare." He loves watching the Military History channel, and is a member of about five different veterans groups. I'm sure he'll get hours of viewing pleasure from that. I still owe Mom about three sets of earrings from her birthday. I have the beads for them. It's just a matter of laying out all the materials and making the earrings.

I'm really enjoying the jasmine. A couple of the buds on it opened today, and it makes the room smell so good. One of the African violets on the windowsill is blooming, the one that's white with a purple picotee. I walked around outside to look at the roses. I think 'Cardinal de Richelieu' and Rosa rugosa alba will probably be okay in their pots in the winter. Most of the Old Garden Roses on the north side of the house look like they have a lot of healthy canes. The majority of them are hardy to Zone 4, a few to Zone 3. We're in Zone 6b, so normally they take the winter fairly well. Personally, I'd rather be in Zone 8 or warmer for the winter.

Teddypig ( pointed out that All Romance e-Books (ARe: www.allromanceebooks) was offering a free e-book during the Days of Christmas. I got Dreamspinner's ( Advent Calendar several days ago. Apparently this year the stories don't open on a particular day, but are all available at once. Speak Its Name ( is having an Advent calendar, too. Since Erastes doesn't have her own personal Advent calendar this year, I think she's just a major collaborator on that one. I'm sure all the Macaronis ( are participating. (Edited to add: They've got quite a number of authors participating.  They're offering some very cool presents, too -- a lot of e-books.)  The primary four Macaronis seem to be Alex Beecroft, Erastes, Lee Rowan, and Charlie Cochrane. Charlie neglected to mention that her new book in the Cambridge Fellow Mysteries ("Lessons" series) was out a couple of days ago. She's really way too modest. I only missed it by a couple of days, though. I still got the "new book" discount on it, although my main priority was just to get it.  I also got the e-book version of Without Reservations. It was the only one in the "With or Without" series I didn't have in e-book. It also has possibly the only "Gay for You" storyline that's really worked for me.

Jules Jones ( had an entry about an author reacting really negatively in response to a bad review on Amazon. No matter what she writes or has written, that thread is going to be thrown back at her for years. It's not like it was a professional reviewer. It's definitely one more reinforcement about how authors should take the high road in public. One of the links Ms. Jones put in linked to how to make a Schadenfreude pie ( My German-English dictionary translates Schadenfreude as "malicious pleasure." I follow some of these trainwrecks of commentary with a sort of fascination, but I don't feel malicious about it. Out of the blogs and LJs I follow, Teddypig is the one who most often finds these, but occasionally I'll see one on another site. An author who takes things graciously in public gets respect, or at least isn't seen as letting himself or herself get dragged into it. An author who argues with a reader in public is not going to win the argument. One way or another, they'll lose.

There are a number of e-book authors who know I have my opinions about certain plotlines and themes. I don't think forced seduction is at all sexy. If one of the protagonists hits the other, the book crosses the line from romance to domestic abuse. I don't care if the heroes use physical force to fight against the "bad guys" in the story, but fistfights with each other, no way. I'm not talking about BDSM with the sub's clear consent, I'm talking about one or both protagonists losing his temper that badly.

Wow, that got kind of dark. I'm really pretty cheerful about having a number of new things to read, some by favorite authors. I don't have anywhere I need to be during the predicted snowstorm. I have editing to work on in a series I like. I worked on the first book, and was eager to read the second book. This third one sounds really good. I have another day of my soap opera to look forward to, and blooming flowers in my room.