November 20th, 2009

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couple volunteer things

Got to the bookstore and worked a good hour there sorting out donated romances -- and not keeping the Harlequin Presents from the 1980s. We have some nice new ones, and they don't seem to go that fast anyway. The other stockers seem to have an easier time putting romances away since I made signage saying "Historical Romance," "Contemporary Romance," and "Category Romance" for the newer boxes. I still need to find ways to move a lot more of them.

Caught up with H. when I was done at the bookstore. She has a Transgender Remembrance ceremony she's leading in the main square of [local university] tomorrow. She and S.H. are very interested in transgender issues, and work hard to bring awareness of them and work for change on campus. After that, we're going to interview a Women's Studies professor on how she's worked with the GLBT organization, and perhaps get something on her take about lesbian feminism.

I think I posted something on finding more glow sticks at the Dollar Store. I brought them in today. One glow sword -- I could only find one -- and a couple of fairy wands. H. took the sword. D.S. and J.S. were there, and did not seem to particularly appreciate me bringing in fairy wands. Of anyone, that pair would look quite appropriate wielding them if they were in drag. I was amazed at last year's drag show how hot J.S. looks as a woman. There are another couple of the students I've met who are very in touch with their feminine sides. D.M. has won first place at the drag show two years in a row, and H. says if anyone deserves to wear a tiara, it's him. I don't see it so much in the way he moves, though he projects quite the feminine image when he's dressed up.

D.S., J.S., and J.-whose-last-name-I-don't-know all move in a very graceful way. Somewhere along the line in the Adrien English mysteries, Jake Riordan describes Adrien as "too graceful," which gave me a very vivid mental picture. Will quote more directly when I find the lines. Edited to add: In The Hell You Say, Adrien thinks: "I've had gay friends who felt I acted too straight, and straight friends who've told me they knew I was gay the minute they met me.
I'd asked Jake once if in his, admittedly warped, opinion there was anything particularly gay in my appearance or demeanor.
He'd replied, 'You're...too graceful.'
Too graceful? What did that mean?"

Even if it puzzled Adrien, I knew what Jake meant.

Soap opera has had very little of Roman and Deniz in the last couple episodes. Lena was kidnapped yesterday, but I don't find myself really caring that much. As long as Deniz keeps Roman safe from physical harm, and Roman keeps Deniz safe from acting too stupid, I am most concerned with them. I like some of the other characters, but they're just not a supercouple like that.
Paul Neyron rose 2

got out of the house

S. sent me an e-mail about meeting up at a cafe for lunch and then going shopping at Marshall's. By the time I saw it, I was already on my way out of the house to meet up with H. to interview R.G. about the relations/collaboration between the Women's Center and the GLBT organization. R.G. mentioned that she was a founding member of the PFLAG organization in town, which I definitely want to follow up on. After that interview, I paid the phone bill, did a couple of other errands, and got my hair cut and dyed red. I went home, and said, "What do you think?" Mom immediately said that she hated it. She said she thought it looked better when I dyed it myself. I talked to J.-my-brother later in the evening, and he reminded me that Mom hates it when I dye my hair at home. I also remember her saying it looked horribly brassy when I dyed it myself. So hypocritical points for Mom there. I'm glad I have my brother to be a reality check for me.

Soap opera killed one of the better characters off today. I knew the actor was leaving, but I was hoping they'd just send him to America or elsewhere in Europe like they do for other characters, to leave open the possibility of him coming back. But instead they blew him up. There are a lot of other characters they could have blown up without me minding so much -- Lena, Celine, Zoe (though thankfully I think she's off in boarding school), Stella, Lars...A lot of the other characters would have been happy if any of the Steinkamps (except for Vanessa), or Axel Schwarz were blown up. I would miss the comedy Axel sometimes provides. Richard Steinkamp is often quite funny as well. I like that most of the actors can do great comedy, and that the show's writers give them that chance. I'm sure there will be much angst from the other characters about the character they killed off.