November 9th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

various again

Managed to sleep through when I was supposed to meet up with people twice this past week -- and the meeting times ranged from early afternoon to mid-afternoon.  At least I got my proofreading and editing done, both at 4:00 a.m. in the morning of the night they were due.  Sophia Titheniel's books are kind of wacky -- sometimes really wacky -- but they're fun to read, and the sex scenes are pretty hot.  I did comment on certain cliched sex sounds I was ranting about on here not long ago.  We'll see if they get changed to other sounds.  I didn't used to comment on cliched words and phrases, because I figured the authors thought that the words and phrases were fresh and new as far as them using it.  Now I'm commenting about them, because I figure the imitation has to stop somewhere, and even if it affects an author who hasn't used the phrasing herself before, well, she didn't come up with it.

Eskimo Kiss Project is back -- apparently they actually went to visit the set of the soap opera, and met some of the actors and crew.  It sounded like a neat trip.  They put a number of clips up on Sunday.  The video quality isn't as good as they had, but I'd already seen the episodes on the official website, and it was nice to have subtitles.  Also, EKP concentrates on certain plots.  There are some other plots I would have liked to get the translations for, because they looked interesting.  The storyline with Roman and Deniz is actually getting rather political in a way.  Roman had started out modeling swimwear for a company targeting their advertising towards a gay audience.  Then Roman and Deniz got into modeling for a sportswear company with a gay audience.  Really not particularly political, especially considering that Roman had been out to friends and acquaintances for a long time, and publicly out for a couple of years.  Now Roman wants for Deniz and himself to compete in the Gay Games.  I think that's really making a statement. (Edited to add: The Gay Games really are in Cologne, Germany next year.  The show is actually taking elements from real life happenings.)

It will be interesting for Roman and Deniz especially since the show is now ret-conning turning Deniz straight.  I've been watching more of the episodes from when he and Roman were officially broken up, and Deniz seems primarily motivated into doing things because he has a crush on one woman or another.  However, he and Roman hooked up at least twice after they broke up and Deniz was that into women.  EKP explains it as any male character on the show being potentially Romansexual -- because who could resist Roman?  Now the show has it that Deniz was bisexual.  It actually kind of fits with his promiscuity and the stereotypes about bisexuals being promiscuous.  (Yes, some of us do only date one person at a time, but you never hear about that...)  So first he was gay, then into various women -- while he never quite seemed to stop being physically attracted to Roman -- and now he's supposed to be gay again.  I suppose being part of a male couple will count heavily in his favor as far as that goes.  I haven't seen much in the way of retroactive continuity since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, and since I stopped reading comic books.  But it certainly has its place on a soap opera, even a relatively new one.  I suppose you could argue that Deniz never seemed to become completely straight.  That's quite convenient considering current developments.