October 5th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

various -- plants, reading

Saturday, Dad and I went shopping for ornamental kale.  Mom had decided she wanted some, and I was happy to go along with the idea, though I have my doubts that it will last long, considering how many deer, groundhogs and rabbits are around here.  We got two purple ones, ones with frilly-edged leaves which look like they'll turn out to have purple centers, and frilly ones which look like they'll have white centers.  Dad planted them on Sunday, where the chokecherry tree used to be.  The purple ones are kind of picking up the color of the colchicum, so that's a nice bit of color harmony.  The colchicum is in full bloom.  I've got to get a couple pictures of it while it's blooming.

I discovered there was a new Dr. Fell universe story, "Huckleberry," telling the story of how Ben met Charlie, a.k.a. "twink."  Syd McGinley doesn't even have it on her publications page.  (As of Monday daytime)  She told me there was a twink story coming up in the fall, called "Pink!"  I haven't heard anything more exact than "fall."  (Edited to add: It's now called "Dolorosa" and is supposed to be out the end of October.)  It would have been a great opportunity for her to post something on twink's LJ.  (Edited to add: sent a message via twink's LJ.  Heh.  Edited further to add: Is it wrong to be happy that I got an answer back from a character?)  The Dr. Fell stories are an auto-buy for me, and I can't get them if I don't know about them.  Not that it's a huge deal for me to go to the publisher's website, click on Syd's name and see if she has any new books out, but it's not something I remember to do terribly often.  I'm also pissy because a major story in the series is only available thus far through subscription.  I've known about that one for months, and I'll get it when it comes out as an e-book, of course.  I just like my instant gratification.

I started reading Charlie Cochrane's Lessons in Power.  I'd gotten it the day it came out, but just have been reading short stories lately.  I still have to finish up editing a "vampires in outer space" story.  As I said to the college kids, some authors must think that if vampires are "kewl" (depends who's writing them), and outer space is "kewl" (not so much for me, personally), vampires in outer space must be twice as "kewl."  No, not really.  Not at all.  I've actually been enjoying reading some plain old contemporaries -- it makes a nice change.

Saturday was also busy in that I asked to proof a couple of holiday short stories (Christmas) and then got Jordan's Hallowe'en story to work on, too.  I'd already gone through the Christmas stories, and went on right through the Hallowe'en story.  I was on a roll.  The one with the prairie dog shapeshifter, the reindeer which can disguise itself as a motorcycle, and the elf was surprisingly entertaining.  I didn't think that combination would work for me, but it was pretty well-written, and really fairly funny.  For the other Christmas one, I'd read the previous one in the series.  This one seemed rather more downbeat, or as downbeat as you can get when it's a werewolf menage.

Jordan's story was one of the contemporaries which made such a nice change.  The protagonists are quirky, but likeable.  The setting as far as that house was extremely vivid.  I asked the kids to be my research assistants as far as information on the bars in that area, as I've never gone there for the nightlife.  Haven't heard back yet, but I have a couple I can call.