September 3rd, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

garden club, bookstore

Overslept for garden club, but got there when others were still eating lunch.  Saw a demonstration on flower arrangment.  The presenter made one arrangement with crape myrtle and pink roses; one with a pineapple on top, apples around the sides, and red roses around the pineapple (it made a nice strong triangular shape); one with hydrangeas, red roses, and sea holly (dark blue, thistle-y looking thing); and one arrangement with pink roses and sugared fruit.  I won the one with sugared fruit in the raffle.  I picked up A. and we went to the bookstore for a bit.  We didn't get much chance to talk, though, as I was busy putting out romances and a lot of donations came in.  Someone had gotten all the Suzanne Brockmann books we had out in the romance section between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.  I was glad, because I'd put them out a while ago hoping someone would be looking for them.

A. is moving back home to central Pennsylvania on Saturday, and I'll really miss her.  She was always up for going on adventures at the spur of the moment.