August 30th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

in the fall garden

Mistflower blooming by 'Mme. Zoetmans' rose.  Those plants of mistflower are all blue, but there should be some white around in the backyard.  Mystery pink rose is blooming.  Will see if the cardinal flower is still blooming.  White and purple heliotrope are doing well.  Have to get out at night to appreciate the four o'clocks.
Paul Neyron rose 2

last few weeks of reading

After we got back from vacation, I read quite a few m/m stories.  Very recently, I read Finding the Words by Terry O'Reilly.  That had what I considered rather an excessive amount of crying in it, and eyes welling up with tears even if they didn't cry outright.  I kind of excused the character who had brain damage, because sometimes that has the effect of making you cry.  I saw no particular reason for the therapist to be that weepy.  There was also quite a lot of the characters falling in love, and cuddling.  *spoiler*  They finally got together way at the very end of the book.  I liked the parts about therapy after brain injury and surgery, and how Andre worked so hard to get better, and didn't give up.

Allergies by T.A. Chase is another one I've read in the last couple of weeks.  I just mentioned on the "mmromancefans" group how punny most of the characters' names were.  *spoilerish*  So the werewolf family has brothers named Rover, Lupine, and Bandit, and sisters named Spike, Patches, and Lassie.  It wasn't bad, though -- a cute story, some other plot besides the romance.

I read Treva Harte's Alpha series on Teddypig's recommendation.  I liked that quite a bit, though some of the male characters waiting twenty years until their male or female mates grew up would seem to be hard on the older characters.  The younger ones were anxious enough to claim their mates, once they were of age, for the most part.

Of course I read the latest Vic-and-Matt (Powers of Love) stories, and have also been reading the Playing the Field stories, all by JM Snyder.  I especially liked Play On, as it seemed very much the way some college athletes might act, and the dialogue wasn't a bad rendition of African-American Vernacular English.  "Holmes" instead of "Homes" struck me, but otherwise, a decent job.

I read K.A. Mitchell's Diving in Deep and Collision Course.  Those were pretty good.  I'd read Custom Ride before, and really liked it.