July 20th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

garden and around town

Last few weeks, in the garden.  'Mr. Lincoln' rose bloomed.  Daylilies have been blooming.  Two cultivars I noticed in the former rose garden are a white-flowered one -- must be 'Ice Carnival' -- and a nice clear yellow.  If I'd been able to tell what the fragrance was, I would have know whether it was 'Hyperion', but it had wilted just a little too much for me to test that.  Somewhere in there I had also planted the double-flowered tawny daylily ('Kwanso') and I think some of the pale orange type from around the mailbox.  Elecampane blooming.  'Morning Has Broken' rose keeps blooming.  It has a bloom and two buds currently.  It's such a good rose for hardiness, disease-resistance, and rebloom.

Yesterday: Went with P. to big parking lot at [local university] so she could practice driving.  She remembered how responsive the acceleration and braking are on my car, so that was good.  P. backed into the curb at one point, but not too hard.  We practiced parking next to other cars and backing out, and parking next to a curb.  Of course, I'm horrible at judging how close I am to a curb, but she says I'm a good teacher on the regular parking.  I tell her she can already judge distances better than I can, and back up more straight, and she thinks I'm kidding.  We practiced parking in between the university's big vans, and that was exciting.  I'm sure it looked from my angle that she was much closer to the van on the driver's side of the car than she actually was.  But she got in and out of the space.  We practiced backing into a parking space, too, though not near the vans.  She's already better at that than I am.  She didn't believe me on that, either.  But it felt good to get out and do something useful.

We did a little shopping -- I always forget that you can find all kinds of things at the dollar store that you can't find anywhere else.  I found medical-style non-latex gloves -- I use them when I'm dyeing my hair and for all kinds of various projects.  And I found Wite-Out, which I've been looking for for a while.  I'm always making corrections on something or other I've printed out or scribbled down.  I got some pink nail polish.  They just had pink and red there.  We'd stopped at the hair and beauty supply store first, and I'd looked around, but I wasn't about to pay six dollars for a bottle of nail polish there.  I'll have to see if my old bottles of blue and black nail polish are dried up or still good.  If I'm thinking of painting my fingernails black, I'm actually in a pretty good place.

I did some proofreading.  My current jobs are both m/f.  I'm still wondering why all these m/f stories see the need to include anal sex and/or BDSM.  Both are pretty much mainstream in erotica now, I guess.  Even "straight" contemporary romances occasionally have some light bondage or blindfolding now.  I just wish a lot of the erotica authors writing BDSM would do more research.  For instance, how things like checking on a partner's circulation are important.  My big pet peeve on one I proofed was that it left the woman hanging rope-bound from a tree overnight while the guy went off to do something else.  I was like, "hello, gangrene."  One story was pretty good about the guy checking if the woman was okay, but the way they did it totally broke the mood.  And the man and woman were both wanting to be subs, and neither had a clue how to be a dom.  I'm very torn, because perhaps the stories are giving people more acceptance of BDSM, except that if they're not written well as far as practices and dynamics go, it's bad information.