July 13th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

another trip to the gayborhood

Brought A. along with me on a trip to Giovanni's Room.  She's quite straight, but was fascinated by the books on women's history and gay history.  I told her I had a good number of the gay history books.  She borrowed my copy of Hard Fall.  A. was raised Mormon, and is now Wiccan -- she told me she'd let me know if she found the Mormon aspects of the book like what she is familiar with.  I am not sure what I think about Hard Fall being the first m/m romance she reads, as parts of it are very...earthy.  (Of course, I enjoyed the heck out of those parts.)  I don't know if I should have eased her in more gently somehow.  But I have a feeling she'll like the bits about hot, sweaty men.  And it's one of the books I give high points to as far as having realistic gay male characters.

More thoughts on it all later...

Edited to add: Just wanted to list some of the books in men's fiction.  Laura Baumbach's Details of the Hunt and A Bit of Rough.  The Hearts from the Ashes anthology, which has stories by Ally Blue, Willa Okati and J.L. Langley.  A book in Ally Blue's Bay City Paranormal Investigations series.  J.L. Langley's Without Reservations and My Fair Captain.  Josh Lanyon's A Dangerous Thing, The Hell You Say, and a couple of copies of Death of a Pirate King.  Partners in Crime 1 and 3.  I thought about getting Partners in Crime 1, but I have it in e-book.  So the person or persons ordering for Giovanni's Room got a number of books from MLR and Samhain.  In the mysteries, Mahu is back in print and there were two copies of Stain of the Berry.

Edited again: A. liked Hard Fall.  She said it was quite accurate to what she knew of Mormon rituals and beliefs.  Apparently she wasn't thrown by the sexual aspects of the book, either.  If she could deal with that, there are quite a number of books I could lend her.  She's more into non-fiction: crafts and hobbies, design and history, than she is into fiction generally or romance particularly, but I tell her about the books I read and work on.
Paul Neyron rose 2

wow, did he get discussion going

Yes, I'm totally addicted to reading The Naughty Bits.  I'm not sure even TeddyPig (www.teddypig.com) realized what a discussion he'd generate when he recommended a publisher for f/f e-books.  There immediately followed several comments from women correcting him by saying that the publisher published lesbian romance, not f/f romance, and explaining the difference between the two.  So far the discussion is up to eighty-odd comments and counting, and has been going on for three days.  I hadn't realized there was such a thing as f/f romance as separate from lesbian romance, though f/f sounds like a genre I'd enjoy.  Some of the bi (and straight!) women who read f/f stories were saying that it can have bi and/or straight-identified women in relationships, which sounded good to me.  There was also a bit of mention of "gay for you" -- having a character suddenly "turn gay" when he/she falls in love with a person of the same sex.  I've read some lesbian romances with this storyline, and find it far more plausible than gay male romances with that plot.  It makes me sad that sometimes those female characters who fall for women think that their heterosexual experiences were all false.  I'd think that in some real-life cases some women would find their heterosexual experiences still legitimate, but just might not talk about it, given the political climate that they're under.

But so many threads in that discussion that I will have to think more about what I want to add here...