May 2nd, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

planting flowers

So after my shopping yesterday (see previous entry), I planted some of the flowers today.  I got all of the begonias planted, and all three of the stock.  I planted two of the red geraniums -- I'd managed to overwinter a couple of the pink ones and a couple of the marbled ones from last year, so they're already good to go.  I figured out places for the rosemary, the other two red geraniums, the heliotrope and the pineapple mint, so I'll plant them tomorrow if it's not raining too hard.  Otherwise I'll try to do them Monday.

Plants in the garden already: The sweet shrub is blooming.  There's a bud on the orris in the herb garden.  Weeded out the small shade garden.  Still a couple flowers on the bleeding heart -- it seems to be the kind which reblooms.  Sweet woodruff is starting to bloom.  That's about the best ground cover for shade that I've ever dealt with.  I think it has pretty leaves, it has flowers in May, it spreads out really nicely, but is easy to pull up if it's spread somewhere you don't want it.  The other thing there are a good amount of in the small shade garden is lily-of-the-valley.  I think that must be the pink variety, as the white variety is in the white rectangular pot by the herb garden.  And the white lily-of-the-valley is blooming.  I was excited to see that, as that's another favorite of mine.