April 26th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

garden club plant sale

     Today: The garden club I'm part of was at a street fair in [relatively local town].  It was mostly various crafts on sale.  There were a few other vendors selling plants, and some selling food.  The garden club members brought a wide variety of plants to sell -- there were begonias, marigolds, daylilies, mints, yarrow, oxalis, lily-of-the-valley...I ended up getting a couple of "leftover" begonias and some dusty miller at the end of the day -- some ugly pots were in the box, too, so I have something to donate to the church yard sale.  I should have told M. that I only wanted the begonias, before they got boxed up.  I had made arrangements with roses and with Judd viburnum, which is a hybrid with one parent being Korean spice viburnum.  Unfortunately, the viburnum apparently wilted right away in the heat, and none of my things sold -- but at least I made the effort.  I'll still enjoy the roses here at home.

     At home: Lilacs starting to bloom.  The lilac without a tag smells really good.  I looked in my gardening journal.  I got three lilacs in 2003, at the Philadelphia Flower show.  They were: 'Lavender Lady', 'Agincourt Beauty' and 'Krasavitsa Moskvy'.  So the unlabeled one is one of those three.  It's a medium lavender in color.  Taking a look at lilac pictures online, it looks like it's 'Lavender Lady'.  Will have to get to [closest arboretum to here] to enjoy their large lilac collection.  Last year I made a list of the ones there that had the nicest fragrances, but I didn't do a massive search to see if they were available in the trade from mail order -- perhaps from specialists, because they weren't at the local garden center.