March 17th, 2009

Paul Neyron rose 2

starting to bloom

Got fairly warm this afternoon.  Went and looked at plants out in the yard.  'Pickwick' and purple Dutch crocuses starting to bloom in the "crocus" garden.  Yellow snow crocuses still blooming.  Still have quite a few snowdrops blooming.  Daffodil leaves up -- daffodils in bud in the herb garden -- they're 'Ice Follies', of course.  A couple of purple crocuses blooming in the herb garden.  Crocus (?) leaves seem to be coming up in the square white pots by the back door.  I think I did plant a few bulbs in those pots late in the fall.  Mahonia in bud, starting to bloom.  Winter honeysuckle starting to bloom, mostly at the top -- it's probably eight feet tall.  American cranberrybush viburnum and sweet bay magnolia look good.  Alpine strawberry and pinks came through the winter all right.

Looked at roses again.  'Cardinal de Richelieu' looks good.  'Salet' is very small, but has a couple of green canes.  'Teasing Georgia' looks pretty good -- I had thought that was more tender, but apparently it is hardier than I believed it would be.