December 22nd, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

favorite books -- especially this past year's

     Again trying to do a link: -- Lisabea did a great Man Love Monday post in which authors listed their favorite books and books they've given as gifts most often.  I commented on how many of the favorite ones I've read, and then just did another comment about reading a lot of Andre Norton's books, including (I think) all of the Witch World books.  Dad got a lot of books sent over to him in Viet Nam, or at least, when he was in the Army, apparently.  I appropriated bits of his collection of 1960s science fiction and fantasy.  The book I've given away most often is The Fragrant Path by Louise Beebe Wilder.  I'm pretty sure I posted about my favorite gardening books on here.  A few years ago, Hartley & Marks published a little collection of Mrs. Wilder's books, including a gardener's journal, The Literate Gardener's Notebook, which has quotes from her books.  I've started a holiday tradition with it.  My grandmother sends money for Christmas, and one of the yearly presents she gets me is that journal.  I haven't written in it too much since I started writing gardening entries on here, but I figure I can take condensed pieces of my entries to write in that journal.

     I mentioned that "Snowball in Hell" had become one of my favorite books of the past year.  Since I'm on my own journal and have no real reason to be impartial, "Body & Soul" was one of the first e-books I read, and I loved it.  I still love it after proofreading it for PsyCop: Property enough times to have memorized it.  I also had my moments of fangirly squeeing in writing to James Buchanan on how much I enjoyed reading Cheating Chance.  J.L. Langley's "With Love" was another favorite story of mine.  I got quite a few m/m books in print before realizing they were originally e-books.  The cover art on Samhain books is often impressive -- the covers I really like seem to usually turn out to have been done by an author named Anne Cain.

     There are some authors I've discovered since I started proofreading for Changeling.  Jade Buchanan (no relation, I'm sure) writes stories that are wacky fun.  I proofread one of the Pridelands stories, and read the previous ones for continuity.  All kinds of m/m and menage things going on, but they're cat-people from outer space, so I just roll with it.  Another series where I'm just like, "It's fiction, people."  Speaking of "teh barbed kitty lances" (thank you, Lisabea), I also got into reading this were-bobcat series from a Nose in a Book recommendation.  Those were by J.M. Snyder.  Then I got into her "Powers of Love/Positions of Love" series.  Comic book superhero powers, the m/m romance is sweet, and the character development is pretty good -- which I didn't expect, given the premise.

     More later...