November 12th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

another quote and some rambling

     "Never let anyone tell you that reading gay erotica won't prepare you for a career." (Me)

     I really do enjoy my proofreading and editing jobs.  The M/M/F stories I've proofed have been fun -- mostly unrealistic, but fun.  Frequently, at least one of the male characters insists that he has never otherwise had homoerotic feelings.  Uh huh.  But why can't the male characters have had same-sex desires before?  There's no rule against it.  I don't think that absolutely everyone neatly sorts into gay or straight.  I have no doubt that many men have a decided sexual orientation one way or the other, but I still think there's quite the continuum in between for a certain number of people.  So why not just take that view of it?

     Another type of M/M/F stories seem to be about male couples who decide to include a woman in their relationship.  And then totally focus on the woman -- well, it is, after all, a fantasy.  In contemporaries, it's especially hard for me to imagine this scenario.  The M/M stories, with the notable exception of certain authors' works, usually don't especially strike me as realistic, either.  In many, the sex scenes are not the problem.  It's the talking about emotions, analyzing the relationship, and crying easily -- especially the crying.  I'm not saying that men don't cry -- I'm saying that they don't generally get that emotional when, for instance, a lover says something that could possibly be interpreted as insensitive.  Or, at the least, they don't show the emotions that openly.  Not to say that there aren't certain men who just love the drama -- but they're not likely to be the heroes of M/M stories.

     More later...