November 8th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

we haz man love

     After a week or so of suspense, I checked the MLR web site and saw that "Body Art" had won the Partners in Crime contest.  Then I checked my e-mail, and saw the message about it.  This was at two in the morning, and then after that I was too excited to sleep.  When Jordan originally wrote to say that someone had suggested she enter the contest, my reply was something along the lines of: "Do it!  Do it!  Do it!"  I am glad for the readers who will get to meet Ray and Anton -- they're such appealing characters.

     More later...
Paul Neyron rose 2

this should be interesting

     So my brother J. is visiting from Baltimore, and I was telling him about my latest adventures in proofreading.  "I think you'd like the PsyCop books," I said.  "I mean, aside from the sex scenes."  Much colorful discussion ensued.  J. ended up borrowing the books.  I am very curious to see what his take on them will be.

      He has read a lot more horror novels than I have, that's for sure.  He admits to reading some contemporary m/f romance.  In many ways, he is very secure about himself, as you might imagine.  I can understand how the romance would appeal, because, rather unusually for a man, he enjoys discussion of feelings and emotions.

Edited to add: As we knew, the books weren't a genre he would normally ever read.  Still, he had a few observations.  He also said that all his female friends wanted to borrow the books.  The ones I've met do seem like the kind of young women who would appreciate m/m books.