October 19th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

October at Longwood Gardens

In the last couple of weeks, at home: saw a white fall-blooming crocus (C. ochroleucus?...sp.?... something like that...).  Saw a purple one this past week: C. species-something or saffron crocus.

Today: Went to Longwood Gardens with B.L. and A.L. (mother and daughter).  Saw waterlilies -- wanted to be sure to see them before we had a frost.  Gardener working in the central pond, with the waterplatters.  Took a quick trip through the Children's Garden while we were in the vicinity.  Some of the camellias in the East Conservatory starting to bloom.  Went back outside -- pumpkin, squash and gourd displays outside the Peirce-du Pont house, too.  Prickly pear cactus in fruit in the arid/desert garden by the Open Air Theater.  Went down the Flower Garden Walk on our way to see Gothic treehouse -- I think that's my favorite of the treehouses.  It has a great view over the lake, too.  The treehouse with the tree coming up right through it is also pretty cool, and being able to walk up a ramp to it is such a neat concept.  Took a quick walk around the formal rose garden on our way to the Hillside Garden.  Roses there still in bloom -- as I've noted in previous posts, this year many of them were Meilland roses.  By the Hillside Garden, waterfall was already turned off -- I was surprised.  Fairy roses still blooming.  Lavender asters and Japanese anenomes blooming.  Next we headed towards the Idea Garden.  Garden railroad up and running.  Went through the Perennial Garden.  I didn't know there were irises that bloomed in the fall.  In the area outside the vegetable garden and fruit tree section were pumpkins, squashes and gourds, labeled as to cultivar, so we could see what the names of all the ones in the various displays around Longwood were.  Went back through herb garden and Idea Garden rose garden.  Several of the shrub roses still blooming.  We saw a lot in roughly two hours. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

bad joke of the week and other notes

     At the LGBT office, food brought in from "Ally Training."  D. takes a piece of melon.  M. to D.:  "That's cannibalism....eating fruit."  D. sighs.  M.: "I never get tired of that."  D.: "I wish you would."

     Earlier, D. goes to the computer.  "Who was on the 'Hot Girls' website?" he asks.  Me: "I'm guessing it wasn't you."  D. plays along: "No, it wasn't me...Oh, it's a 'Hot Girls and Hot Guys' site."  Tone of his voice and his expression imply that he would have been there for the hot guys.  D. generally does seem to be a good sport, I have to say.     

     Lots of talk of getting ready for Homecoming, as the group's theme this year was Rocky Horror.  I didn't go, but am hoping to see pictures.  I'm sure I'll hear how they placed, too -- they were hoping for at least second place.

     H. wasn't there at the office, but I did a couple of pages of notes of what issues in gay rights were especially in the news, and being followed by the students, since the group started in 1975.  As there were few dates on the archival materials, I put a lot of it in order according to what the group's name was.  The earliest name seemed to be "Gays of [University]".  This pretty quickly changed to the Gay Student Union, as far as I can figure out.  The next name after that was apparently the Gay and Lesbian Student Union, which seemed to be the group's name for most of the eighties.  "Bi" and then just "B" went in and out and then back in to the group's name.  "T" was added after my time.

     Articles and items in the archives included topics such as "gays in the military", psychology, essentialism, gay marriage, and entertainers who came to Philadelphia and to the university.  Another thread I want to follow are the articles about people in the gay rights movement who gave talks at the university.  Some of the activists' actions far predate the group's formation, but it still shows an interest in the history.  H. and I should be able to put it all together.