October 12th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

long drive, seeing relatives

     Yesterday: Went to the Jersey shore to pick up Grandma's birthday present, a lift chair.

     Today: Drove up from the Jersey shore to northwest New Jersey to see Grandma.  We had a nice brunch. Dad's youngest sister and family were there, too, and it was nice to see them.  Grandma seemed to like her new chair.  On the way home, Mom is doing the driving.  We get on Route 80.  Note: we are trying to get to southeastern Pennsylvania.  We cross the Delaware Water Gap.  I am deep into reading a Russell Quant mystery.  I look up from the book as we cross the Lehigh River into Luzerne County.  "We've gone too far west," I say, having made that mistake before.
     "No, we haven't," Mom says.  "I haven't seen the sign for 33 yet."  I go back to reading.  Russell gets to New York City.  We get to Bloomsberg.  Mom finally says, "I think you're right.  We went too far west."  I don't have a desk to do head-desk.  I contemplate doing head-dashboard.  "I never saw a sign for 33," she tells me.
     "Dad left out a piece of the directions."
     Mom calls Dad.  It goes to voicemail.  We switch drivers, and I drive back east on 80.  Dad hears all about it when he calls back.  We end up taking the Northeast Extension of the Turnpike south, go through the Lehigh Tunnel, get on the Pennsylvania Turnpike proper, and finally get to Valley Forge.  Conclusion: there is no good way to get from southeastern Pennsylvania to northwest New Jersey or vice versa.  Although having a good book really helped pass the time.  More points one could take from this: There should be at least one person with a sense of direction in the car with us, and Mom should have listened to me when we got to Luzerne County.  One might also think that I fail as a navigator.